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07 February 2013

Thirsty Thursday: VTIM Beer Bracket Challenge

Here is how this is going to work. Over the course of the next week I want you to try each of these beers. If you can only do 1 or 2 that is OK, but I'm not sure why you are reading this blog since we probably don't have much in common. 

Play with your boyfriend, girlfriends, just yourself... whatevs.

Which beer will be crowned VTIM Best Beer voted by women...
 and which will be crowned best beer voted by men...

The beers will be judged on 5 different categories. 

1. Taste
2. Bottle Design
3. Advertising (see below)
4. Price
5. Good Beer for Drinking Games (aka can you drink several in a row and quickly and not be sick as a dog, gonna vom.)

What you need to do:
1. Print this:

2. Drink. Watch commercials. Fill in scores.

3. Take a picture of the card (or scan it if you are old school) when you are done and either post it as a comment, or email it to me ( Include the gender and age of each person who played! 

4. And of course, designate a driver. Because drinking and driving ain't cool bro, it ain't cool.

Each beer has a commercial associated with it. Watch the commercial and rate it on your score card.

1. Bud Light- Here Wego!

2. Miller Light- Man Card


3. Heineken- Beer Closet 

4.Guiness- This one was actually banned. But watch all the way to the end. 

5. High Life- Fuzzy Rope

6. Michelob Ultra Amber- You were open and now you are CLOSED!

7. Stella Artois- Gadgets

8. Corona- Football Trick

9. Fosters- Identity Theft

10. Dos Equis- The Most Interesting Man in the World

Here is a preview of how the winner will be crowned! 
 photo venustrappedinmarscopy_zps3fc969d8.png


  1. oh my god.. this is the coolest thing ever!! love, love, love. New follower!




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