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06 February 2013

Wow Your Man Wednesday: National Signing Day

So today is National Signing Day. 

Seeing as my team (Tennessee) is terrible, can't recruit at all and didn't (won't) get anyone worth getting, I'm a bit bitter at the moment. 

I'll get over it in like never.

But even though I'm in poor spirits, far be it from me to skip my writing duties.
 so let's wow your man...

Number 1 recruit: Robert Nkemdiche (pronounced: (I) have-no fre´å-king ideA)
Commits to Ole Miss Rebels.
 Defensive End

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Personally, I am a little shocked by this. I have been on a road trip to Ole Miss before. While, yes, it was an absolutely stunning campus, the bars closed at midnight on Saturday night! What gives with that? I would never go there for that sole reason, but that's just me. 

Apparently he wants to join his brother, who already plays there. What's with all the bros lately? 

Side note: Tennessee bars close at 3am. This should be a selling point during recruiting, jump on that coaches. 

Or maybe that is how we got who we got....

 Have a question on how your college did during National Signing Day? Leave a comment below and I'll give you the rundown so you can wow your man over dinner tonight! 
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  1. According to my facebook newsfeed, my Seminoles are doing pretty good? Question mark?


  2. Angie- YES!! You guys are doing awesome. 5 star recruit Matthew Thomas (linebacker and BEST in his position this year) just chose the Noles over Miami, and that is your big recruit of the day!

    Plus, you have a player named EJ Levenberry who was talking about signing with Tennessee instead, but then ended up signing with y'all (you're welcome for Tennessee being terrible)

    Then you had a player named Jalen Ramsey who was committed to USC and is expected to cancel that commitment and sign with Florida State!

    Hope this helps!! Thanks for reading!!!

  3. I didn't know you were a Vol! My little brother is going there next year :) I can't wait to go tailgate.

  4. No way!! Have you been to a tailgate there before? That is one thing Vol fans never lose at.... tailgating!


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