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18 February 2013

Venus Trapped in Miami

No time.
No time. 
No time.

I have no time to post until Wednesday. If I am lucky I can crank one out tomorrow for you kids. IF being the key word.

While I'm slaving away at the boat show. Enjoy these images of the wonderful city of Miami and my adventures thus far. 8 days down, 3 more to go!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. 
Vols win. By win I mean kill Kentucky. HooRay!

Tried some Japanese candies... was nervous but they were delish! 
Found H&M in the 5 seconds I left the conference center (H&M locating's a gift really). 
Drank some wine. 
Snapped a pic of the Miami Marlin's stadium from the car, cool huh?

Took some pics of some motors. 

Really missin this little guy....

 photo venustrappedinmarscopy_zps3fc969d8.png


  1. your blog is awesome. that is all.
    and i like how fast you found H&M.

  2. Thank you thank you!!! Like I said, H&M locator is truly a gift. I am thankful every day! :)


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