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04 February 2013

5 Things I Learned From The Superbowl

1. I will be removing my company's website ( <-- shameless plug) from

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I can't believe I just put that on my blog. That smacking noise alone was enough to make an elephant vomit. 

2. Twitter is so much better than Facebook. I had my ipad attached to my hip throughout the entire game. Twitter was killing it, Facebook... felt like myspace, where was everyone?

Forget the commercials, here are my favorite tweets:

3. I am going to get a Leon Sandcastle jersey the second the Kansas City Cheifs post it on
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Also, Leon Sandcastle looks an awful lot like Steve Harvey with a wig on, not Deon Sanders....

4. I will never be as fast as Oreo, nor will Leon Sandcastle.

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5. Stars: they're just like us. Even Queen B gets all sweaty while performing during the superbowl.
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I guess that's what happens when this girl is on FIIIREEEE, she's walking on fire, this girl is on fire.

(I'm aware that reference is to Alicia Keys, one of the 18 other female R&B singers to perform during the Superbowl, and in fact, not Beyonce.)

Tootles, Venus lovers. 

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  1. Hey new friend!! :) I'm so happy to have you as a sponsor and this post rocks! :)

  2. Ugh godaddy. I hate that my blog url is associated with them.

    Those tweets are great. Our friend that lives in NOLA said, 'a crawfish must have crawled into the wires' when the lights went out.

  3. Sarah- I love that! There is nothing like a Crawfish Broil in Nola! Now I'm hungry :(

    Thanks for reading!!

  4. Twitter is SO much better than can def get away with a lot more

  5. Kelly, totally agree. Anytime I post more than like one time a week on Facebook I feel like I am offending people! But Twitter people totally understand! At least I think...


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