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27 February 2013

Boys Just Want to Have Fights

First of all, news to me: There are white guys in the NBA.
Second of all, news to me: There are white guys in the NBA that get to play during the game.
Third of all, news to me: There are white guys in the NBA worth picking a fight with. 

Come on now, don't pick a fight with the white kid in the NBA. He is either:

1. Only there to shoot 3 point shots
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2. Only there to be tall and awkward
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3. Or in this particular case, they are just there to give supportive hugs.
I love this. I need a hug, stat, from Captain Huggey Smiley pictured below...
image via
So, Venus, what you are trying to tell me is that NBA white guys are good shooters, a bit awkward, but  totally love giving big smiles and BFF hugs?

Correct, so why did this happen??

Yes, that is Captain Smiley Huggey boy 
(aka David Lee from the Golden State Warriors, although I like my name for him better) 
getting pushed like a New Jersey Housewife.

 This then lead to an all out brawl between both teams that managed to wash into the stands. 
Roy Hibbert is doing the original pushing...
 If you want to send him a mean tweet in Captain Huggey Smiley's honor here is his screen name... 

@iamsarahwebb: Dear Mr. @Hoya2aPacer please stop bullying on Captain Huggey Smiley. He doesn't have anymore Milk money to provide you. Tootles, Venus

On a side note: I just spent about 37 minutes trying to figure out how to make that GIF.
So I am done for the day with being productive.

Until tomorrow... 
Can't we all just get a longneck?

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