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02 April 2015

What is a No-Reply Blogger and How To Fix It If You Are A No-Reply Blogger

There are tons of people who regularly comment on my blog -- and I'm certain your blog -- who I can't get back in touch with because they are a no-reply blogger. I already have two different tutorials to fix being a no-reply blogger (here and here), but with a new blogger born every 7 minutes, and so many bloggers migrating to Wordpress,  I thought I would combine the two tutorials today. I'm not sure about the 7 minute statistic, btw, just a guess...  

A no-reply blogger is someone that leaves a comment on a blogger blog, but doesn't have their email address linked to their account. Let me explain via pictures. 

Here is a comment that Helene left on my blog. Helene blogs on the blogger platform and IS a reply-blogger. So, when I receive her comment in my email inbox, I can automatically email her back, easily replying to her comment. 

Ok, so what does it look like when I receive a comment from a no-reply blogger? Here is my mom leaving a comment, she is an example of a no-reply blogger.


There are three kinds of no-reply bloggers

1. No-reply bloggers that blog in blogger, and just haven't opted to display their e-mail address on their account.

2. No-reply bloggers caused by google plus

3. No-reply bloggers caused by not having a blogger account 
(i.e. Wordpress users, non-bloggers, when your mom leaves a comment... etc)

Here is what it looks like when you ARE A REPLY-BLOGGER. I'll use my friend Helene as an example again. 

If your email address is not listed, you are a no-reply blogger. 

Furthermore, if you click your blogger profile and it takes you to a google plus screen (shown below) you are a no-reply blogger caused by google plus. Here is what happens when I click that NO-REPLY comment my mom left, it takes us to her google plus page. 

Now let's fix! 
Identify which of the 3 types of no-reply blogger you are,
then scroll down to see how to fix. 

If you are a relatively new to blogger, you most likely fall under this category.  I've reverted my profile to no-reply to use as an example. Here is how to fix.



If you click your blogger profile and it takes you to your google plus page, you are a no reply blogger caused by google plus. Here is how to fix. 

Step 1: 
Click the settings icon from your dashboard. (Looks like a wheel or a really ugly flower)
You will have an option that says REVERT TO BLOGGER PROFILE

Step 2:
Switch to a limited blogger profile

Then continue to blogger....

Step 3:
Go back in and edit your blogger profile from your dashboard


Be sure the box labeled show my email address has a giant check mark in it.

Save changes


 If you blog in Wordpress, rather than blogger, here are a couple of ideas you can use to fix being a no-reply blogger!

1. Create a gmail account
If you don't already have one, create one, and login to that account via After you make an account in blogger, confirm that your email address is displayed on your profile by using FIX #1 above. This is the easiest option. 

2. When you leave a comment, include your email address
I know lots of people include their URL anytime they leave a comment, well, why not leave your email address too! That way you can be emailed directly back by the blogger you are leaving a comment with!

Ok that was a lot of information, but unfortunately blogger really knows how to make communication difficult. Holler if you have any questions!

If you aren't sure if you are no-reply or not, feel free to leave me a comment with your email address written in the comment. I'll email you back and let you know yes or no! 



  1. sharing this across the universe. also thanks for using me as an example and that stellar comment I had :)

  2. So I definitely thought I fixed this months ago (since I was finally getting email replies from comments) but when I just checked, it appears I somehow reverted back to a no reply blogger! Not sure why, but thanks for this! :)

  3. Interesting. I think when I opened my account, I didn't want my email out in the interwebz, in case a crazy person got ahold of it (It's a risk we all take, isn't it?), but that would also explain why I'd get replied to in comments, but wouldn't know about it. Thanks! :-D

  4. Sharing this. Sometimes people have such thoughtful comments and it's just silence from me. I thought I might fix it with Disqus but it still doesn't help.

  5. It seems like half of the people that comment on my posts now are noreply and it makes me so sad! I sure hope they see this!

  6. YES! PSA EVERYONE! I always try to track down email addresses of no-reply bloggers and respond that way and then I feel like a total creep responding to a comment in a fresh email chain. What if they don't remember? What if they think it's weird that I did this? *panic ensues*

  7. I think everyone should just switch to disqus ;)

  8. So glad you posted this! I completely forgot to update my profile with my new email address when I rebranded my blog. I thought nobody was responding to any of my comments, but really they were just sending the responses to an old email

  9. Gracias chica! I hope I'm no longer a rook with a no-reply status :/ xoxo, ganeeban

  10. Totally using this as a test ha. There are so many different comment outlets (Blogger, Wordpress, Comment Luv, Disqus and Google + ) so it can be super confusing. Crossing my fingers this works! :)

    1. Shawna, it did not work. it looks like you're linked to google + still.

  11. Thank you for this! I know you've covered this ad nauseum but this blogger/ google plus thing is so confusing. I'm a WP user so I created a Google + account (which...why is Google + a thing?) and fixed it per your tutorial. I thought I had covered everything BUT lo and behold I didn't have my email box checked. Ugh! I had left a couple of comments on some of your posts so I'm sure I was in the "annoying no-reply commenter" category. Hopefully it's fixed now. If you could check, that would be great. My email is fitgirlbynature at gmail dot com. Thanks again!

  12. I refer people to your blog ALL THE TIME for this!

  13. I'm not no-reply but I still like to go through the steps just to make sure. It's so annoying when I can't respond to someone who left a great comment. I had an issue a few weeks ago where I WAS popping up no-reply. No idea what was going on but I'm pretty sure it's fixed.

  14. I have followered you steps so let's see if has worked

  15. This is a great resource that I just wish I could display everywhere...pinterest my blog, facebook etc. I will start with pinning lol

  16. I was a no-reply blogger and i had NO idea - thank you for posting this! I love your how-to posts, I'm a visual learner and all the screenshots definitely help make things super easy to understand and follow.
    Thank so much!
    Sincerely, a REPLY blogger :-)

  17. Thank you for the tutorial! I was told I was a no reply blogger and hopefully I have fixed it now! :)

  18. Thank you, did not know this! I think I've fixed it - I did put my email to be shown on my blogger account and it was on show as blogger

  19. Your informational post is good one to read and i think it can technology news 2015

  20. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am no longer an idiot to the internet!!! I've found so many posts about what a no-reply blogger is, but none to fix the problem. Thank you for sharing!! So helpful!!

  21. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for posting this Sarah! Definitely pinning and keeping saved forever to share. I never knew how to check if no-reply was a problem for me, so I really appreciate this! As far as others commenting on my Wordpress blog, I can click reply in my dashboard and reply to their comment, but they will only see it if they have fixed any of these issues as well, right? That's where I've always been confused, unsure of how to see if people are getting notified I've replied back to them since I do it in the Wordpress dashboard and not in an email as some of your screenshots show. Hopefully my end of things for commenting is solved though :) I've left my email just incase! Love reading your stuff, girl! -

  22. Just a random note, I had to revert back to Blogger's old view to fix mine! I couldn't find anywhere to fix it without doing that. Granted, I'm a Wordpress user and a newb at Blogger! But I fixed it! Hooray! Thank you for this info!

  23. Thanks for sharing this! The problem isn’t obviously noticed by many of new bloggers is now highlighted. As many others I had no clue that issue like no-respond emails can occur. But we have what we have and I think it was great idea to share the solution with the other bloggers. Sincerely, I had some hard time with contents and used writing services so if someone is facing the same, Ghost Professors reviews will help to find the solution.

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