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27 April 2015

8 Reasons I'm An Adult Destroyer of Clothes

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Although I have skin that is so pale it is an odd shade of blue right now, I have a fairly normal skin type. It'll occasionally get dry, but nothing a good slab of lotion can't fix. So it came as a very odd surprise when I had my very first ever allergic reaction 20 years into my life. One day in college I borrowed my roomie Magen's laundry detergent to wash my sheets. I put the sheets on my bed, and laid down for a nice long 20 minute power nap, because hello, power naps are how you survive college. I woke up and was covered head-to-toe in these bright red, itchy splotches. As someone who doesn't suffer from many sicknesses or allergies, I totally (and maybe a little over-dramatically) freaked out. 

In true-to-Sarah dramatic fashion, let's just say I learned the hard way that CB used this same type of detergent, and had to convert him too. 

So what is my go-to, will freak out if anyone uses anything else, laundry detergent? all. I've always been an all user, so when I found out they had a new product called all Radiant, I wasn't at all hesitant, no pun intended, to switch from their pod packs that I was previously using.

My clothes certainly take a beating. People act like children are this terrible wrecking force that come through and cause a nightmare on white whites and bright colors. Well, go ahead and group me in that terrible wrecking force. I prefer to think that I just live hard / live life to the most extreme! 

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? I, Sarah Webb, am a human destroyer of clothing. Things that I do that destroy my laundry include, but are not limited to:

1. Spray Tans - I am an avid spray tanner. I have a whole post that is full of my tips, if you've never had a spray tan before.  What is one thing you will learn very quickly once you begin spray tanning? LOL at white sheets. I have to have a great detergent during the Spring and Summer spray tan season. 

2. The hole in my lip - There is a giant hole in my bottom lip that randomly opens when I least expect it, causing the beverage I'm consuming to fall right through and splatter on whatever top I'm wearing. Generally, said top is white and said beverage is brown. 

3. Ketchup - I love ketchup, like, more than a friend. When restaurants see me coming, they're like, BRB gotta call the ketchup delivery guy real quick. We are going to need a new shipment when Sarah is done. 

4. Sporting events - When eating is mixed with spontaneous jumping out of your seat to scream for the home team, you're in trouble. 

5. Sweat - You know that shirt that says, "I don't sweat, I sparkle"? Yeah, that isn't me, at all. I am always hot. I could be visiting Canada in January and I guarantee I will be sweating at some point during the trip. I still have no idea how I've survived 2.5 Texas Summers. 

6. I keep things for a very, very long time - I still have things in my closet from high school that I wear regularly. My favorite pair of workout shorts say Midlothian High School 2000 Lady Trojans Softball. For those without a calculator nearby, that would make these shorts 15 years old.

7. Cheap Clothing Stores - This is my favorite store. I do not invest in nice pieces very often because I'd rather have 10 things for $100 than one thing for $100. Guilty as charged. 

8. General and Veenie - This requires no further explanation.

So as you can see, not only do I need a laundry detergent that won't send me into a red splotchy outbreak (red just isn't my color), I need a detergent that can clean the torture I inflict on my wardrobe. The new all Radiant laundry detergent is up for the job. It restores whites and protects colors. Fading clothes and stains are regular occurrences for me, and this detergent is able to revive my white sheets, remove my I-eat-too-much ketchup stains in the first wash, and keep my favorite team's colors bright and vibrant with its patented fiber shield technology. 

Keep an eye out for a Cartwheel Offer at Target from 5/3 to 5/9. Here is the aisle I was able to find all Radiant. 




  1. i am really bad at spilling stuff on myself. but I'm even worse at knowing how to wash my stuff. need to try!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. or try having a five year old who loves being outside in the dirt!

  4. I have to use All free and clear because my daughter is allergic to everything. I wonder if I tried this All if she could handle it with out looking like she has some strange disease.

  5. I love learning other people spill just as much as I do, not to mention the faux tanning not mixing with sheets very well. I am a walking disaster most of the time.

  6. oh girl I feel you. if I make it through the day without getting something on my shirt, I usually celebrate it.

  7. OMG this is so me, I am the literal WORST at spilling things on myself. And I'm also allergic to certain detergents, including Tide. I break out in awesome red, itchy hives.

  8. How does this work on grease stains? My husband is notorious for getting spots on his clothes, but they don't have color to them like ketchup or anything just a greasy spot.

  9. My husband has the same issue. We tried something other than Tide free, it was another brand free, and he broke out in HUGE splotches. It was reaaaaaally bad. Needless to say I understand!

  10. OMG I totally feel you...I go to dinner and leave with more of the food on my shirt than in my stomach..

  11. I have always, always been a Tide girl. But lately I'm noticing that it's not always getting the ketchup splotches out. Maybe it's time to try something new.

  12. My family just knows that it's an accomplishment if I manage to make it through a meal without spilling something on my chest. It's like murphy's law. ESPECIALLY IF IM WEARING WHITE. That being said dark colors are your friend.

  13. I am always hot too. I don't know why I choose to survive Southern Arizona summers, but I do. Amen for some good detergent!

  14. Hah! I'm still laughing at your admission that you are a human destroyer of clothing. But hey, admission is the first step, right? Thanks for sharing! #client


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