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23 April 2015

Free Blogger Blog Pre-Made Templates

It appears that I totally suck at pimping out my own services and products. I have a line of t-shirts I've designed on spreadshirt, but do you see a link to that shop anywhere on my blog? Nope. I have my own blog design studio, do I ever really talk about it? Nope. My main goal right now is to sell the pre-made templates I've made, all of which include installation free of charge, but do I even do so much as to alert you guys when I've made a new one? Nope. I want to walk a fine line between gently reminding everyone my services exist, and shoving my services down your throat with every passing blog post. Instead what do I do? I make it totally unaccessible and never talk about any of it, ever. LOLZZZ!

So here is the deal.... I'm going to make this very simple. I want to increase the awareness of my blogger templates, you want a new blog design. You scratch my back, I scratch yours, how does that sound? 

I'm going to give away 2 of my blogger templates to 2 bloggers
***All templates include complimentary installation, and all colors are customizable***

To Win One of My Templates 
Simply complete the following 4 simple steps via the Rafflecopter below:

1. Like this post via Bloglovin
2. Follow Me on Bloglovin
3. Favorite my Etsy Shop
4. Pin one of my templates below

The giveaway will run until Sunday at midnight. 
I will pick both winners on Monday morning. 
Important note- if you would like to buy at template right now, but are worried you might win one of the free ones, I will refund your money, should you win! Voila! Easy right? 

 Click each image to view details, pricing and a live demo of template in action! Templates include FULL INSTALLATION!



  1. you know you are the BOMB! pinned it bc duh!

  2. Omg! Why would you NOT pimp yourself?!!? The Shirts are awesome!

  3. I saw a sign the other day that said "all about that base" and thought it would be a great t-shirt idea for your shop!

  4. SO excited, hope to win! Planning to re-launch my blog but first it needs some design love. Will totally hit you up if I don't win, had no idea about your templates and they are awesome! YAY!

  5. So obviously I don't need a new design because I currently have the prettiest one I've ever seen, but doing this anyway because EVERYONE SHOULD WORK WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST. Okay that's all.

  6. Oh my gosh, definitely crossing my fingers for this one! I love all of your designs and have been wanting to change mine up

  7. Love all your designs & I especially love that you are more blog than business (although a little more business wouldn't keep me from reading!) If you think about it, I'd love a blog post on what your experience has been with spreadshirt :-)

  8. I would LOVE to win this, as Im a college student trying to run a style blog, but I would PAY too, how can I get in touch with you to ask questions???

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. OOPS !! Butter fingers.
      YOOOOO LO QUIERO ! that's "I want it" in spanish. that counts as extra points?

  10. Dangit! I had every intention of signing up for this and then time got away from me. Thanks for the offer though!

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