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20 April 2015

Inside Look at the ACM Party for a Cause and the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards in Dallas

For all my country music fans out there, this is the post for you. Not only do I have pictures from Friday and Saturday night's ACM Party for a Cause and Sunday's 50th ACM Awards, but I've got the behind the scenes scoop on how a made for TV concert really works.

But first and foremost, I want to say a HUGE thank you thank you thank you to Women's Rogaine and Walmart for making this weekend one of the most memorable ever. I got to hang out in their tent at the ACM Party for a Cause on Saturday, and watched as their stylists made over country fans. 

Ladies could choose from three looks, the basic blowout, hollywood glam or beachy waves. This may sound really nerdy, but I love watching stylists do hair. I find it very therapeutic, kind of like my love of watching the food network as I fall asleep. You can learn so many tricks to incorporate into your daily beauty routine. I took some of the new stylist tips I learned home with me, and applied them while I was getting ready for the big awards show on Sunday night! Don't forget, like I mentioned in Friday's post, if you want to try Women's Rogaine, to get fuller, thicker more beautiful hair, you can click here for a $10 rebate and a $5 digital coupon that can be redeemed at Walmart! 

The weekend, which was all about country glam, kicked off with a bang! Literally, a bang. Lots of them. As in severe thunderstorms which halted all performances for a couple of hours. CB and I chuckled over the timing of these torrential downpours. We are in desperate need of rain in Texas right now, and showtime on both Friday and Saturday night, is when the rain decides to come. Go figure! 

Ok, so let me give you the rundown on how a made for TV country concert is made. Picture this: Darius Rucker and Sara Evans (who has the most angelic live voice I've ever heard, BTW) take the stage and entertain the crowd with an incredible rendition of Johnny and June Carter Cash's song Jackson. They kill it. I'm sitting there with my mouth open at their chemistry together, but mostly over Sara's voice. I mean really, maybe the biggest talent in country, and at the very least, certainly the most underrated. 

They finish the song and I see Darius shake his head and mutter into the microphone, "Man... TV." I knew something was up. I said to CB, oh my gosh, they're going to make them sing it again. CB looks at me and says no way, they're about to sing something else. We made a bet that loser buys nachos, and lets just say I received free nachos and they were delicious! The producer knew what she wanted and was going to get it, which should make for a great show on television. You guys have to watch on May 15th when it airs on CBS. 

The weather also caused other problems on Saturday night besides just a 3 hour delayed start time. The host of the show indicated that Florida Georgia Line and Eric Church's equipment was ruined by the storm. I'm not sure what to make of that, so I'll just plead the fifth. 

What I can draw a conclusion on though, is how much I now love Keith Urban. Keith was the last act to perform, and because Florida Georgia Line and Eric Chuch cancelled, Keith told the fans he would play several songs to end the night; keep in mind, everyone was allotted just 1, sometimes 2 songs throughout the evening. Maybe he was still on Australian time, or maybe that is just Australian hospitality, but he went above and beyond for the fans that stayed at the ballpark through the severe weather, by playing a mini Keith Urban concert for us. What a class act. 

The weather most certainly didn't stop us from having an incredible time though. We hung out in the enclosed safety of the Capital One Club during the storm, and ventured down to the floor once the weather cleared, and the show started again. CB, who is relatively new to country music, and I had so much fun jamming and screaming along! Here are some pictures from Friday and Saturday! 

You get two guesses what I signed on the wall.....

Well thank you kind sir,  I don't mind if  I do pose with the Lombardi Trophy! It was San Fran's, not the Cowboys, and I think it was one of the replica's the team makes, but still very cool.

 Oh, there's my girl. Right next to me. No biggie.

Sunday night was an experience. Not only was it a glamorous night of celebration for country music, but my favorite person, Miranda Lambert, won all of the awards. I tweeted her and asked if she was going to have to start using ACM trophies as paper towel holders... standing by for her response.... 

And the ACM for the most underwhelming couple photo on a blog goes to, Sarah and CB for their selfie in section 335! *mild applause fills the room* 

You think I had enough sparkle??? I can't decide...

Song of the Year! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Garth Brooks absolutely killing it! Such a moving performance.

I of course had to snap a picture with one of my favorite fellow alums, Mr. Jason Witten. #GBO

Just as a heads up, should anyone ask me to do anything involving walking from cowboys stadium, to a parking lot 1.7 miles away in heels -- even if they are cowboy boot heels -- in the next 3-5 business days, the answer will be a negative. The way I see it though, blisters are a small price to pay for such a glamorous weekend! Thank you so much, Women's Rogaine and Walmart, for the country music experience I'll never forget. 




  1. this is just so so cool! You look absolutely gorgeous. looks like you had the best time. I LOVE your whole outfit. and I'm sorry but FGL really? how rude! that storm was bad though- glad everything turned out and that you got to see your girl Miranda!

  2. What an amazing experience! And I absolutely agree that Keith Urban is awesome. I saw him in concert once and was blown away by what an amazing performer and musician he was. Oh and I agree with Helen, you look absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. What an awesome experience to never forget!! Keith Urban seems like such a genuinely nice person, but his kindness for performing for y'all wins him extra points in my book too! I'm glad to you got to go to this! It seems like the weekend was just as fab as you and your outfit!

  4. Looks like an absolutely phenomenal experience all round, from the stylists to the great show! And yeah, TV. My husband and I have been audience members at some of the Disney special parade events, and it's REALLY hard to pretend to be an enthusiastic audience member after the fourth or fifth take.

  5. I absolutely love Sara Evans, I got to see her last summer & she put on an amazing show! & duh, we already know my love for your girl Miranda :) The only thing that would have made last night better for me was if Garth could have pulled off EOTY :)

  6. Ah! I am so jealous of all of this. What a cool experience! I agree - Sara Evans is really underrated. Love your photos -- you looked gorgeous!

  7. This is amazing! From what I can tell, Keith Urban actually seems like the kindest, coolest human and this little anecdote definitely confirms that. I'm glad you had an amazing time! You looked like a rockstar! Love the lipstick!

  8. You sound like you had a wonderful weekend! What an experience! Plus, you won a bet over CB so obviously that makes the entire thing even better. Your outfit though, KILLING IT. ALL THE SPARKLES. Miranda would approve.

  9. That looks like a spectacular weekend! I'm so excited you got to go to there!

  10. I'm a firm believer that there are never enough sparkles.

  11. this is way too cool!!!! i absolutely loved your outfit too. what a fun weekend and i sure hope miranda responds to your text because you asked a valid question!

  12. Looks like a great time! My office mate's sister went as well. She is not a country fan but said she enjoyed every minute of it!

  13. What an incredible experience! And those boots? Absolutely killing it!

  14. I'm so jealous, what an amazing experience! Loved your outfit too! Xo, Stephanie

  15. One - you look marrrrrvelous! Two - those boots, those boots, those boots. Three - thank YOU for telling me the awards were in Dallas. I'm from Texas but live in Australia. I saw several people in my facebook and/or instagram feed saying they were at the ACM's, and I thought "that's an unusual amount of friends going to Nashville for these awards."

  16. This is so cool! I absolutely love country music, and man, hearing all those performers live must have been incredible. Definitely a weekend to remember!

  17. Oh my goodness, what an A-maxing weekend!!! I'm so jealous and you looked so cute! THIS is definitely worth blogging for, score!

  18. That's so cool. I was sad Luke Bryan didn't win song of the year. Because, I went to high school with the guy who wrote the song Drink a Beer.

  19. Such a cool behind the scenes post. You look fab in every single picture and you must have had the best weekend ever!

  20. It's SO interesting to hear you perspective on this! First of all, I had no idea this whole thing was such a big deal. When my friend told me a year ago she planned to attend, I didn't think much of it. Now I'm sort of jealous that I didn't find a way to join her. As a lifetime country music fan, this sounds A-MAZING, like the mother of all music festivals...yeah!! I remember seeing vendors at a music festival I attended in Virginia, but this seems like a major step up even from that awesomeness. My friend (who left me a 9 minute Vox about the whole thing this morning) talked about having to redo songs because of sweat, weather, and performers missing lines. She also said she wasn't totally convinced on the whole "weather ruined our equipment" excuse for those two. (It was her opinion that they were probably too drunk to perform...thoughts???) It was also interesting to hear that those in the audience on Sunday didn't get to SEE as well as those watching from home (lame Jumbotron positioning, anyone?). I asked her what the audience did during commercial breaks... SO MANY QUESTIONS. Anyway... I'll stop rambling now!

  21. what a fun experience! I love your glam outfit. It's kinda funny that I had a similar experience this past december. Every december Disney films its Christmas Day Parade (pre-christmas- gasp!) and different singers come perform and they tape it and the parade. Well this year my boyfriend and I really wanted to see whoever was playing so we went the day they were filming the performance part. Well needless to say it was raining all day! The show was soo delayed. We ended up only knowing one perfomer too- ariana grande. All in all over the course of a few hours we only saw 2 songs! They kept refilming EVERYTHING- her entrance, the song, her exit etc. Plus in between takes they had to run and dry the stage because it was still raining and she was wearing heels- not a good combination. Anyway I'm still happy I got to see her for free, can't really complain. But watching something being filmed for tv is totally different than your average performance!


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