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14 April 2015

How to Create the Ultimate Entertainment Area for Your Home

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How to Create the Ultimate Entertainment Area for Your Home

Do you like entertaining but don’t have a space appropriate for all your guests to really enjoy themselves? Nothing beats the outdoors when entertaining – not even the weather can ruin things in a properly fitted out space. Below are some tips on how you can create your own ultimate entertainment area.

Outdoor Kitchens
Fully functioning kitchens are a must-have for the ultimate entertainment area. Forget the days of the simple barbeque; these days, outdoor kitchens can come even more equipped than their indoors counterparts, with pizza ovens and large flattop grills, not to mention fridge space, wine chillers, stove tops, and ovens. The outdoor kitchen is perfect for stopping pool soaked guest from entering the house and keeping the party outdoors.

Outdoor Rooms
Not just a shady spot to sit out of the sun, outdoor rooms bring all the comfort and luxury of the indoors outside. They are perfect if you love entertaining but don’t have the space to do so inside. Outdoor rooms can take any shape you please, from lavish dining settings to comfortable sofas by the fireplace – the choice is yours. Of course, for a good outdoor room, you need a patio covering. If you don’t already have one, visit professional builders, like those at the Additions Building Company (click here for more patio information), to get some expert advice.

Pools and Courts
Swimming pools are almost an unspoken necessity for outdoor entertaining, especially through summer. But pools have become so common that they don’t really have the ultimate draw that you need. Ball courts have grown in popularity and are no longer just restricted to the homes of the super-rich. A game of badminton is a great way to mix things up. A strip of mown grass is also the perfect place for a game of backyard cricket, if you have the space.

After swimming or playing a game, you need somewhere to relax and something to relax on. Affordable outdoor furniture used to be practical and uncomfortable. Nowadays, however, indoor and outdoor furniture are almost identical, particularly in terms of comfort. You can get weatherproof lounges in all shapes and sizes, hardwood, durable dining tables, and cushioned wicker chairs. All kinds of outdoor decorations are available to match the furniture you have, such as plant boxes, vases, rugs, paintings, and even floor lamps.

What would an entertainment area be without entertainment? You’ll never want to go inside again with the availability of waterproof TVs. They can be set up just about anywhere and, with wireless technology, you can even stream movies to it from your home computer. Nothing helps a party like a bit of music, and with wireless speakers you can fill your whole backyard with your favourite songs. But, of course, for the ultimate entertainment area, nothing beats a cinema projector projecting onto a blank outside wall.

The ultimate entertainment area is restricted only by your imagination and your wallet –but even on a budget there is a lot you can do. What do you have in your ultimate entertainment area?



  1. this is so smart! also love that pic :)

  2. These are fun [expensive] ideas, but your sponsored posts like this never say who they're sponsored by!


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