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17 April 2015

I've Got A Girl Crush

I'm sorry for everyone who came here today  to hear about Jordan Speith being Dallas' gift to golf (you're welcome, golf -- have I been a Texan long enough to say things like that? I think i have) and how you should go read this article for a good laugh. Or for those of you here to hear about Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn winning the Art Ross Trophy as the league's scoring champion (see Vanessa, I got you guuurl). Or it's possible you came here on a Friday to hear about Adrian Peterson getting reinstated and my personal thoughts on how he will be a Cowboy in a matter of moments. Or maybe you came here to learn that Tiger Woods has a stunningly gorgeous niece, Cheyenne Woods, playing on the LPGA tour. I don't know, it's even likely that you came here to get my take on the NBA playoffs which start tomorrow at 11:30am when the Wizards and Raptors tip off in Toronto. And by NBA playoffs, I of course meant, LET'S GO MAVS, LET'S GO MAVS, LET'S GO MAVS #MFFL. I'm sorry to disappoint those of you who came here to hear about 5 different things in the sports world, like those listed above, that you need to know before you go. Fan Friday is taking a little turn for the day. 

Why? Because I want to talk about Miranda Lambert again. I know, I know. I'm a borderline serious stalker at this point. I know what you're thinking, "Ok Sarah, we kinda understood when you drove to Lindale and cried at her store The Pink Pistol, and we were weirded out but were mostly ok with you crying when you first saw her in concert, and it was a little odd to write yet another blog post totally dedicated to the poor girl just a month ago, and even more unnerving when you dressed up as her for halloween... but again? Sarah, at this point we are getting concerned." 

I appreciate everyone's concern, I do. But with all due respect, and I'm saying with all due respect, I'm going to continue to profess my total girl crush until she flies me, General and Veenie to Oklahoma to play in her backyard with all of her foster doggies. Impossible, I think not. 

Yes, good eye. I did buy this top at her store in Lindale. Also, yes, these are her line of Cowboy boots which you can find at DSW. You guys are so impressive to notice that!  

But why do I need to talk about her today, you ask? Well thanks to a post I wrote about my hair care routine a few months back, Women's Rogaine invited me to attend the ACM Party for a Cause festival at Ranger's Ballpark, and the ACM 50th Anniversary Awards Show this weekend at Cowboys Stadium. Miranda + my favorite kind of music + Rangers Ballpark + Cowboys Stadium + an excuse to wear cowboy boots for an entire weekend + a day of getting glammed up and dressed up. In the understatement of the century, I'm excited. 

Here are some pics from my girl's show in Dallas last month

Yes, there are other, much smaller country music artists that will be performing that I doubt you've even heard of, like Alan Jackson, Alabama, Garth Brooks, George Strait.... Like I said, much smaller, I won't judge if you've never heard of those guys. Miranda takes up most of the country spotlight. 

On Saturday afternoon, I'll be hanging out at the Women's Rogaine tent in the interactive sponsor booth area outside Rangers Ballpark. They'll be doing makeovers, and talking all things beauty, which I absolutely cannot turn down. Not in Arlington this weekend but want to try Women's Rogaine, to get fuller, thicker more beautiful hair? Click here for a $10 rebate and a $5 digital coupon that can be redeemed at Walmart! 

Follow along with me on Instagram throughout the weekend, where I'll be making ^^^ this ^^^ face at all times. 

Tickets to the ACMs were provided to me for free by Women's Rogaine, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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  1. I'm so excited for you! WE'll both be in our happy places. Fingers crossed you and miranda become besties!!!!!!!!!

  2. You are the luckiest little lady alive! I will be stalking your instagram this weekend!

  3. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You get to do ALL the cool things! I'm pumped to Instagram stalk and live vicariously through you this weekend! ...and about all the sports, I'm relieved to say that the Pacers did not make the playoffs and I officially have my fiance back in my life for at least one month before the WNBA begins. In the meantime, I'll root for your Mavs (mostly because I love Mark Cuban). HAVE FUN!

  4. I was watching Darius Rucker's guest spot on The Chew yesterday (don't judge me) and he said his crush is Miranda Lambert and I totally thought of you.

  5. Every time you wear those boots I get a bit jealous staring at my screen. THEYRE AMAZING.

  6. What an awesome opportunity! Can't wait to hear all about your experience! Xo, Stephanie

  7. Oh For the record, I just cannot get on the Miranda bandwagon. Her music doesn't suck but that attitude... no thank you!


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