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19 April 2015

Your Winter Warmer Checklist for Your Home

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Your Winter Warmer Checklist for Your Home

It may be Spring right now, but when cold weather is just around the corner, it’s a good idea to be prepared and check what you have and what you need to be warm and comfortable in winter. There are many ways to be warm and cozy without having to spend a fortune on power bills.

1. Get winter bedding

One of the very best ways to be warm in winter is to ensure you have appropriate winter bedding. Investing in a high quality wool quilts created by a company such as MiniJumbuk, is an excellent investment and will help you to enjoy warm, restful sleep in winter. There are many benefits that come with woollen quilts and bedding, and this natural fibre is also a good choice for people who value clean and hygienic sleepingconditions.

2. Rug up

While this sounds ridiculously obvious, adding an extra layer or two of clothing can be just as effective in keeping you warm as using a heater. To maximise warmth, ensure your feet are kept warm, ideally with slippers, ugg boots or indoor shoes. In the cold temperatures late at night, cover your knees and legs with a rug or blanket.

3. Close doors

Rather than heating the whole house, heat only one of two rooms that you predominantly use. Close the doors to avoid the escape of heat and block the gaps between the bottom of doors and the floor.

4: Reduce the thermostat

Reduce your energy expenditure and consumption by lowering the temperature on your thermostat by just a degree or two. Setting your thermostat to between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius should be sufficient to keep you warm and comfortable in winter.

5. Cover windows

By using curtains to cover windows you are able to minimise the amount of heat that escapes from your home. Ideally, your curtains will fall to the ground and having pelmets (cornice boards) at the top is a good way to stop heat escaping out of windows. At sunset, ensure your curtains and blinds are closed.

6. Seal drafts

If you are aware of cold air coming through gaps, find the area and seal off the gaps. Air leaks of this type can be responsible for as much as 25% of heat loss from homes.

7. Check your insulation

When interior heat is retained, you stay warmer and save power. Insulation is important in both winter and summer. In the warmer months, adequate insulation will also reduce the amount of heat from the sun entering your home. It’s wise to use extra insulation in the walls, beneath the floors and in the ceiling.

8. Channel the heat

If you have air conditioning or central heating at your home, check the direction of vents. Vent directors can be purchased and used to direct air away from the ceiling and into the middle of the room.

By checking a number of features in your home and taking some easy steps, it’s actually quite straightforward to get your home ready for winter. When your home is equipped for winter, you will spend less on bills without having to sacrifice your warmth and comfort.



  1. I never think about winter stuff until the very last minute!! I should probably do better....!

  2. I only changed the sheets on my bed to winter sheets yesterday, just in time too as it is bloody cold here today and wet and windy to boot.


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