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20 March 2015

2nd Chance Bracket Challenge - Boys vs Girls

My bracket isn't shot *bangs until knuckles bleed on wood*, but I am in last place in our challenge. Dead last. As in, no one worse than me. I've gotten pretty much every pick wrong. Every upset I've predicted, wrong. Thank god for NC State's comeback last night or I would have gone to sleep angry, very angry. My final four is still alive though, with Duke left to play today.....
...... dear 8 pounds 6 ounces... new born infant jesus, don't even know a word yet. lyin' there in your ghost manger, just lookin' at your Baby Einstein developmental videos, learnin' 'bout shapes and colors..... please let duke win... your very dear friend, Ricky Bobby Sarah.

I digress.
But with an unprecedented three number three seeds going down yesterday, I'm sure your brackets are shot too. Which is why I had the idea last night to do a 2nd chance bracket challenge. Here's how this is going to go down...

Once and for all, we will be able to crown who really knows their basketball better... the boys or the girls. (Unless of course it's the boys, then it isn't once and for all. I'm sure that would just indicate admin error....
There are no prizes, no money to put up, just good ole fashioned bragging rights. We will crown one overall winner, and then of course a collective gender winner, the boys or the girls. 
Want to participate? Of course you do! 
I just need you to fill out this google doc, and sign you and your man-friend up. And good lawwwwwd, if he wants to be anonymous, because I know all about that, that is ok too! 
Questions?? Concerns?? Want to cry into the comments section over your current bracket? Want to brag???  Any and all of the above are acceptable options for things to leave in the comment box below. 
Let the best man woman win. 

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  1. My Male dogs know better than to pick Kentucky. I told them its back to the pound for them if they even think about it. So we are a Duke Blue and White house hold...until football season then its back to Orange and White.

  2. I'm with ya on everything yesterday. I LIVE IN BIRMINGHAM AND DID NOT PICK UAB -- I guess that one is on me. All the one point wins and come backs yesterday killed me -- killed me. #lesigh.

  3. hahahaa male dog. Also, for someone as competitive as you, I know it must be hard to be dead last. my thoughts are with you.

  4. this year our bracket is doing way better than last years. still in the hunt surprising;y.

  5. My bracket is shot with Iowa St and Nova going down. UGH. A chimp with darts could have done better.

  6. Yeah, my bracket is pretty much shot. I did great in the first round. Not so much in the second...

  7. I feel for you! Luckily, I'm still alive in my bracket with Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona. I went Kentucky all the way but Duke could definitely take it. I was crushed in Duke's group but rather proud of my Georgia St. upset pick in the Wisconsin group.

  8. Yes! I love this and will be partaking...because I need a fresh start after UVA bit the dust.

  9. Aw, dangit...just reading this one now. We SO should have played along. oops...


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