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18 March 2015

Dallas - Fort Worth GoBe Games Team Giveaway + Discount Code

My middle name is competitive. Sarah Competitive Webb. 

Ok not really, but it should be. If there is a game to be played, I want to play it. If there is a competition to be had, I'll have it. If I can beat someone in something, I'm on cloud 9.... cloud 8... cloud 7... cloud 1... whichever cloud it is that finishes first, I'm on that cloud. 

Just last night I dominated CB in Skeeball. I mean DOMINATED. I know he is going to read this post, and I know he is going to say, "Sarah, you won by, like, 1 point." And my response will be "PURE DOMINATION!

You get my point here. Well, recently I heard about this social adventure race coming to Dallas May 22-23rd, called the GoBe Games. The concept behind the games is to essentially fit 2 years of excitement into 24 hours! You need to grab 2-5 of your best friends -- or most competitive, I recommend being verrrrrry selective with your teammates if you want to beat my team #muahaha -- to compete against thousands of other teams. Your goal is to complete as many of the 300+ challenges as possible in an action-packed 24 hours. You and your teammates will choose the challenges you like best, and fulfill them in the most creative way that fits your team.

You then submit photos and videos through the GoBe Games app and they'll keep a live score of who’s in the lead. After the 24 hours of racing are over, there is an awards ceremony/party open to all -- not just participants -- with live music and local food to cap off the event. The Grand Prize winners get a trip to Costa Rica for their team!!

Here are some of the challenges your team will be faced with...

GoBe Games isn’t just for the fitness obsessed. Many challenges are designed to get participants engaged in the community, like eating unhealthy quantities of food at local dives to walking old ladies across the street. You will end up seeing Dallas in an entirely new way!

So have I convinced you yet? Good, because I have a special discount promo code for you to enter a team of your own. If you live, or plan to be in Dallas on May 22-23rd, and want to participate in the GoBe Games, click here and enter code GOBEDFW83.

Plus, I even have a full team entry to give away today for the Dallas GoBe Games! Enter below for your chance to win a complimentary team entry, a $300 value! But keep in mind, once you form your team, we are officially rivals...... just sayin!
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This post is sponsored by GoBe Games, but all opinions are my own


  1. This looks like an absolute blast. Please come to Indy, GoBe Games. And best of luck to you and your team, of course. I'm also a winner if I get to see those Costa Rican adventure pics on your blog.

  2. Ok, that sounds like a ton of fun!

  3. i love your competitive attitude. i think that's why we get along so well! we are competitive and that means we care. right?
    this looks like a blast!

  4. Ahhhh this is another time I so wish I lived in Dallas! This sounds SO fun and I'm pretty dang competitive as well so I can only imagine how much fun you're going to have!

  5. This sounds SO AMAZING. Seriously - I hope this thing travels outside of Dallas, it's genius. And I hope you thoroughly document and share your team's activities. Good luck!!!

  6. The GoBE Games looks AMAZING. So much fun. I really hope they're coming to my city because I will get my game face on and dominate (hopefully by more than one point) I can't wait to see your post on it.

  7. Oh my gosh. That looks incredible! They need to bring that to LA!

  8. OMGoodness this sounds like so much fun!!!! One of the radio stations here does a couple's scavenger hunt challenge every year for Valentine's Day. Everyone meets at a designated location to start, is given instructions and after completing their tasks, meets back up for FREE dinner catered by a local restaurant. One lucky couple goes home with a Free 5-Day cruise. That is what I'm talking about!!!


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