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17 March 2015

Things That Go Through Your Mind When You Fill Out Your March Madness Brackets

Not Duke, Not Duke... Don't want to get burned by Duke

Crap, I have Duke in the Championship... how'd that happen? Must re-evaluate.

*Changes Duke to losing in round one*

Googles Villanova

Googles Gonzaga

Googles Villanova again

 Googles Iowa State

Googles Big 12 Championship Winner

Googles Arizona

Wait, where is Tennessee?????? 

Look at ESPNs Expert Picks, gets mad when everyone has picked Kentucky

Spells bracket wrong: 'Expert Brakcet Picks'... CRAP that's a sign that I shouldn't be googling this

Ok but, maybe I'll just look at Dick Vitale's bracket because he named it "Dick Pics" and that is funny

Ends up with Iowa State as the tournament winner

Wait, maybe Duke didn't sound so bad?

Maybe I should just pick based on Mascots... dang it... NO SARAH NO!

But Duke's path looks so easy.. NO NO NO must not pick Duke!! Remember last year Sarah, remember last year.

Notre Dame won the ACC, not Louisville, Virginia or Duke... don't forget that.

I don't care, I'm not picking Kentucky

Crap, I'm just staring this whole thing over...

Villanova as the championship winner? I've never even seen them play... where is Villanova anyway?

Googles 'Where is Villanova'

Not sure that helps me... but good to know.

Villanova hasn't played anyone... but neither has Kentucky really...

Ahhh forget it... Coach K won't do that twice


.... and here is the winning bracket people...
read it and weep (no really, weep, it's that bad) 
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Who did you guys pick to win this year? 
Any advice for me? There is still time to make changes!!


  1. Seriously cracking up right now! I am looking at my bracket as I am reading this post :) No idea who to pick. Ugh! And I almost always get burned by Duke! Grr! I want to take Kentucky just because, but part of me wants to just throw caution to the wind and pick solely based on which name I like better! lol!
    My husband and I are filling out brackets against each other and we are going to have our 3 year old little guy pick teams too jut for the fun of it. I am sure he will win! lol!

  2. haha i love it. I'm not filling one out this year but I can totally see where your heads at. what if I stole your bracket?

  3. I love how much you mentioned Iowa State. I'm hoping we do well in the bracket. Back 2 Back Big 12 Tournament Champions!!!

  4. I am a KU fan and I have Kentucky & Duke in the final 2. It hurts to be me today.

  5. Bahaha... I loved this... I should have wrote down all my thoughts as I was doing mine.

  6. ...and you nailed it once again. Seriously, I get so stressed when filling out brackets in leagues of people I actually know. Basketball is not my sport of choice, so my bracket is woeful already. Seriously though, where is Villanova?

  7. As a Chapel Hill student, I must admit that I really hate your bracket but only because I really hate Duke. I trust your sports judgment and adore your blog and think you're awesome, though, so I'll let it slide.

  8. Duke? Really?! UGH! I die a little on the inside.

    Go Cats!

  9. ...and somehow I ended up with Duke taking it all. I just couldn't pull myself away from them...and I don't like them AT. ALL.

  10. Iowa State all the way! How can you not love a mascot that is a powerful force of nature?

  11. I appreciate that you have WSU going against KU because that's what EVERYBODY here wants. Mostly because they don't play each other in the normal season.

  12. I have the same two teams in the finals but have UK winning. They are all NBAers on one freakin team. It's almost not fair. However, I also wouldn't be surprised if they end up losing. It's been since 70's that Indiana went undefeated. Plus, I can go without hearing C-A-T-S Cats, Cats, Cats over and over again

  13. I literally feel like I went through all of these emotions when trying to fill out my bracket! Thanks for not making me feel so crazy!

  14. I'm for Duke...actually anyone but UK. I am praying for another Laettner moment

  15. You put way more thought into yours than I did mine. I have Villanova beating Arizona in the end. As much as I want an SEC team to win it, I just can't get on the Kentucky bandwagon; they got by on some sketchy calls this season and that luck has to run out eventually

  16. Can I just say that my thoughts were very similar when I filled my bracket out! Hahaha! I never do very good, but maybe this is my year! Ya right, that's never going to happen. :)

  17. Still haven't filled mine out but all of those thoughts will be going through my mind. With two exceptions: 1 - no Duke because Duke sucks & 2 - Tennessee, can we get a successful season in basketball or football sometime in the next decade? I mean, the past 10 years have been brutal. Can we step it up a notch?

  18. It's like the battle of evils. Kentucky or Duke. Which one is less of a soul-sucker. I hope they BOTH get knocked out first round. Let's go underdog surprise!

  19. As an Iowa State fan, I approve of this process.

  20. Great. This didn't help me with my bracket AT ALL. :-)

  21. I always have Duke lose first-round b/c of personal beliefs (aka Duke Pukes)... some years it helps me, some years it kills me - oh well! ;)

  22. Kentucky hasn't played anyone? Come on, Sarah, they killed Kansas (2 seed), beat Louisville twice (4 seed), UCLA, UNC, and any SEC team that's in the tournament this year. No denying their talent plus they have the man-power to withstand the tournament environment. Plus Duke always chokes ahem Lehigh & Mercer :)

  23. I spent the least amount of time this year that I've ever spent filling out a bracket, so I'm not confident at all. Last year, of course, I felt very confident because I had my Florida boys going all the way (hey, Final 4 is still pretty good...).

    For the record, I have Duke losing to Iowa State.

    I do what I want.

  24. Duke burned me bad last year and I'm still mad at them. So I have Wisconsin winning it all. When they're on their A game, they are ON their A game. It just can't be Kentucky. Can't.

  25. Seriously. My boyfriend keeps trying to convince me to fill out a bracket but hello we have all three Iowa teams playing this year and obviously I'm going to pick them, but let's be realistic, but I can't pick Duke and I hate Villanova simply for the fact that it sounds like a really shitty love movie starring Jennifer Lopez and ugh, I just can't do it this year.

  26. Got almost the same Final Four but have Iowa St instead of Duke. Good to see that you got some 5-12 upsets.

  27. So funny! Honestly, I've just stopped caring about my brackets and now essentially use my "fun" bracket as my actual bracket. Half the time it ends up doing pretty well. I tend to lean towards upsets and basically refuse to put certain teams beyond the first 2-3 rounds (coughkentuckydukecough). I also pick winners based on teams I just like. Makes it more fun for me and less pressure. (:

  28. This is gold. One of these days I'm going back to picking by mascot, color, or people I know from said state... it's GOT to go better for me than picking Georgetown to win it all...Yep, I did that.


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