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19 March 2015

Desktop // iPhone Background Freebie + A Crap Shoot

Download for iPhone

Download for Desktop // Laptop - Black

Download for Desktop // Laptop - White

And in a totally unrelated note, as in, could not be more unrelated, I bought a pooper scooper yesterday off Amazon. Normally my poop scooping related purchases stay pretty hush hush around these parts -- per General's request, he is really shy about his poops even though I always reassure him that everybody poops, not just him -- but this is not your ordinary pooper scooper. The reviews on this particular model were excellent. I couldn't believe how many people were so overwhelmed by a poop shoveling device, that the decided to leave lengthy reviews. 

I decided to read one, and it was the best decision I made all day long. But don't take my word for it, here, just read it....

Someone get this guy a career in writing pooper scooper reviews. Although, I think that just translates to-- Someone get this guy a blog! 


  1. weird how I also bought a pooper scooper last week. but we returned it bc michael said it was "too flimsy" also LOVE this background. Using it and pinning it now!

  2. I love it!!! It's perfect for my school laptop!! My students are not even ready for my hipness!

  3. Hahahaha that review!! "My unicorn poop vacuum exists." And I will promptly be downloading that iPad screensaver :) thanks!

  4. lol since we're talking about dog poop. Once I took Westley for a walk and he pooped on the lawn of a teacher my daughter hated.....I just left it and walked on like he did nothing. I should send her the amazon link to this poop scoop.

  5. I'm just really glad you juxtaposed a pooper scooper + the lyrics "don't stop get it get it." I don't know if that was funny on purpose or just to me...

  6. I feel like I can totally support someone that feels that passionately about a pooper scooper, that they would right such a lyrical review about one!

    And in other news, and getting "behind" someone... that song will now be in my head all night... Don't stop, get it, get it... (dancing in my head right now)...


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