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11 March 2015

The Most Satisfying Feelings in Blogging

1. Figuring out how to code something new
I figured out how to add an Instagram feed in my post footer, that actually links to Instagram rather than some random site like Snap Widget. I thought I had solved Pi it felt so good. I was so excited I included it as a free upgrade on these two new blog templates here and here. Yeah I just plugged my instagram, templates and Social&Chic all in the first item in this list and it felt very satisfying...big whoop wanna fight about it?  

2. Having posts auto-scheduled while you're traveling
When I first started blogging, this was easy. Now though, if I have anything auto-scheduled to run when I'm out of town, I feel like I've conquered the blogging organizational world. 

3. Someone retweets my posts
Someone takes time out of their day to share your post, just because they enjoyed it so much. That feels really special. 

4. I get a sponsored blog campaign I applied for
That "Congratulations you've been approved for X campaign..." email notification makes me do a little jig. And maybe go buy a new dress, because I've literally earned it. 

5. I get offered something really cool randomly
"I stumbled on your blog and I think you'd be a great fit to receive these free Dallas Cowboys Tickets..." Oh my gosh, what a coincidence, I think I'd be a great fit to receive them too!! 

6. Someone tells me they read my blog
When someone I personally know, out of the blue, references a blog post I wrote... and I had no idea they even read my blog. KEWWWWWL

7. When my man brings up my blog to strangers
I get embarrassed and try and change the subject, but really, that is the bomb! 

8. Taking a new toy out of the box
Unwrapping anything from Apple or for an Apple. Anything at all. Yes, I'm a going on 10 years as a Mac addict. Can't help it. All of the iToys. 

9. Buying a new planner
This planner belongs to: Sarah Webb. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE! 
*upper-body dance in office chair*

10. Getting way more likes than normal on Instagram 
@iamsarahwebb? More like freaking @iamannieleibovitz 

11. When someone references an old post of yours in the comment box or on twitter
"@iamsarahwebb you'll love this website, it made me think of you!" *links to a post all bout PIZZA*
Ok but, I can't believe you remember that! I LOVE YOU BE MY BEST FRIEND. 

12. Spilling your heart and posting something you feel might actually help someone
Being Brave and Getting Serious 

13. Hitting it off on a Blate
We met on the internet.
14. Blurred out backgrounds in photos
Holy crap did I just figure out how to use this $800 camera??????? YUP
15. Daylight Savings Time
For the office dwelling working girl who needs to take photos for the blog... 

16. Filters that change everything
Lighten and Brighten. Lighten and Brighten. Lighten and Brighten again. All of the saturation. 
Cue Pinterest Fame in 3...2...1....
I could probably keep going, but instead I'll stop with 16 so that one day I can have, "The Most Satisfying Feelings in Blogging, Part 2" auto-scheduled to go while I'm on vacation. 


  1. I swear there's nothing better than having someone tell you they read your blog. I am still so shocked and appreciative when someone reads, comments, and/or relates to something I write. I wonder if that changes the bigger you get but for now it's wonderful! I find buying a new planner to be one of the most satisfying feelings in life but I'm also kind of weird, Ha!

  2. I always start cheesing like a bug kid when someone tells me they read my blog lol

  3. Number 2 & 3 for sure. I've been really trying to work on tweeting better and some of them have been shared a lot by big brands and stuff, it's a neat feeling. Although as good as the auto post feeling is the feeling you have when you get home and didn't auto schedule ones for the first couple days back ugh!

  4. I mean honestly. I am always happier than a pig in mud when someone tells me they read my blog. I also almost died the other night when my bachelor tweet apparently hit a nerve. #twitterfamousforasecond

  5. Yes to all of these! I get all kinds of warm fuzzies when someone tweets a mention of one of my posts and how much they liked it!

  6. I love all of these. Finding out family members and friends read my blog is the best feeling! And a huge shout out to whoever thought up daylight savings because it's a lifesaver :D

  7. I almost cried with joy when it was still light last night at 7:30 - SO worth the lost hour of sleep so I can use my weekend days for fun weekend stuff instead of blog photo stuff!

  8. YES to all of these!!! Scheduling posts is probably my favorite thing ever.

  9. DST like a little gift from above.... pictures while it is light out, but the other 15 you are so totally on the money. and let's not forget so and so pinned ....happy dance of joy

  10. I 100% with you on all of these! And I love when people ple me on their blog. Bonus if I didn't even have to pay them.

  11. Love the comment about when your man brings up your boyfriend recently bragged about it to his friend and I acted all embarrassed but really I thought it was so adorable!! Great post :)

  12. Really fun to read! My site is new so I am looking forward to experiencing some of these feelings. :)

  13. #2, #3, and #15! I just got back from a work trip and had ABSOLUTELY no time to even check my poor little blog, but of course it was happy to just go about and do it's own thing and update my linked social media sites. I love technology.

  14. Yes to all of these! But for real, I've been trying to figure out that damn IG code forever...

  15. And not only when someone references your blog or a post, but actually quotes you back to you. THAT is an amazing feeling!

  16. I secretly love when my husband tells his friends about my blog, it makes me feel proud :) and autoscheduler is another thing I love, especially when I get it right!

    Ree //

  17. ALL OF THEM. A girl that I see once every few months told me she reads my blog and she started actually referencing some of the posts. My jaw hit the floor.

  18. These are all definitely very awesome and very satisfying feelings! I love when I feel like I win at blogging. Getting my posts scheduled and getting caught up on reading blogs always makes me feel like a champ.

  19. Love all of these, and I really need to auto schedule. I go way to many days without posting because I'm busy in the real world.

  20. Girl, I agree with all of these!! I had a dream about my blog last night... no seriously... need to sort that out...

  21. I Completely agree on when someone mentions my page that I didn't even know read my blog, LOVE!!!!!

  22. Thank you. This inspires me to keep going as a new blogger! <3

  23. A freaking MEN! {Ok, that looks way weirder typed out than it did in my head...} My favorite is figuring out how to code something. Makes me feel like a genius.

  24. These are all so great! Especially when people out in the real world mention your blog. Oh-Em-Gee you read what I've written on the interwebs?!?!? such a great feeling.

  25. Nailed it. Auto scheduled posts make me feel like I have absolutely EVERYTHING in my life together.

  26. Amen to every single one of these. Especially when someone IRL talks about my blog. No greater feeling :D

    Chloe | Curious Ramblings

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