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20 September 2013

Fan Friday: The Ultimate Fantasy Team

Today I the most special of all special treats, I have Jerry Jones taking over the blog for Fan Friday!!!

Oh wait, I apologize. I read that wrong. I have Adriana from Dog Hair is an Accessory taking over! Adriana is September's Jerry Jones level sponsor. I absolutely adore this girl, and her blog has been on my blog roll since I first started. I'm confident you'll like her as much as I do, and way more than you would have liked Jerry! Plus, we're giving away stuff ;)


Have you heard? It's football season.

Helllllo friends and fans of Sarah! I'm Adriana from Dog Hair Is An Accessory and if you've read Sarah's blog.. well.. ever, you know it's football season. Thing is tho.. I don't really care about football.

NOW HOLD ON! Before you all leave comments about how I suck, I didn't say I hate football. I'm just not invested in it. I didn't go to a school in the south with a big football team, and my dad is from Brazil so he watched futbol, not football in our house. I did grow up next door to one of my uncles who is a big Miami Dolphins fan and I went to a game in Miami with him which was super fun! And I go to super bowl parties and root for whoever I feel like at the moment but that's because I like generally like sports.
the lighting on the left makes it look like a green screen but I promise it isn't!
Now I know that there are a bunch of bloggy fantasy leagues going, and my boyfriend and all my guy friends are in leagues and I thought about participating but I had my own ideas about who I wanted to draft to my team. So if "fantasy" football worked the way I think it should work, here is who I would draft for my team.

1. Brett Favre (I happen to find him incredibly attractive)
2. the entire team of Little Giants

3. Sunshine from Remember the Titans

4. Adam Sandler from The Water Boy

5. Bro Montana

6. Ray Finkle

7. Snowflake the Dolphin from Miami / The Pet Detective

8. Keanu Reeves from The Replacements

9. Marky Mark from Invincible

10. The rest of the Funky Bunch

11. Cuba Gooding Jr. from Jerry McGuire

12. Air Bud: Golden Receiver

13. Dawson from Varsity Blues

Coaches: Sandra Bullock from the Blindside and Coach Carter

Cheerleaders: Clovers from Bring It On

So yea. I can't make a team from those people/ animals so I don't think I'd enjoy playing fantasy. I'll leave the official football talk to Sarah and her sports educated buddies. Meanwhile I'll be eating all the 5 layer dip and chugging beer. 

So Adriana offers fabulous blog design services over at A Case of The Sparkles and has offered to giveaway 2 custom blog button designs and "play fetch" sized ad space. I'm also throwing in "ESPN" ad space for the winner!  

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  1. Haha I would definitely draft Sunshine!

  2. I'm cheering for the Panthers but I'm thinking that's a lost cause!

  3. I would totally draft the Little Giants!! Intimidation!! Marky Mark and Cuba can join the ranks too! :)

  4. Give me Tweeter from Varsity Blues any day!

  5. haha love this team, and i'm rooting for A&M bc well are they even playing?

  6. I'm rooting for the Seminoles on Saturday and the players on my fantasy team on Sunday! (I'm currently searching for an NFL team to love)

  7. Sandra Bullock from the Blindside would be a fantastic coach. I'd be on her team.

  8. Ha, if real fantasy teams could be made up of movie people/animals, I would totally play!

  9. Hey! I was in Bring it On! I also liked the cheerleaders from The Replacements.

  10. I absolutely love your fantasy team! Almost all of those people would be on my team too!

  11. I love this! Off the top of my head, I'd draft "The Leg" from The Replacements as my kicker.

  12. I like the sound of this team, though what I know about American football could fit on the head of a pin, and indeed still have room for what I know about proper football ;-)

  13. The Redskins, Broncos and my fantasy team :)

  14. ugh i love the fantasy team but being a die hard Packers fan I cannot let it pass that is it spelled Favre NOT Farve. I'm sorry....I would be disowned by Wisconsin if I didn't' say anything. (P.S. he is incredibly good looking)


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