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12 September 2013

Songs That Define Me

When Helene announced that she would be hosting a one time linkup I knew I was going to participate, regardless of the topic. I just adore that girl over there, she is the yin to my yang. 

I have such an obsessive personality, I find it odd to tell you that I'm actually not a music junkie. I love love love music, and I'd hate to live without it, but I'm not someone able to tell you a singer's birth date or even album name. Heck, I still haven't even seen the Miley Cyrus video from the VMAs! 

What I do know about music is that I have some songs that make me feel very strongly... whether that feeling is joy, depression or let's party our faces off right this second. If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know I like to categorize things, so let's DO THIS! 

You want to see someone balling their face off? Be sure to play me...

Bagpipes played at my dad's funeral. What a dumb decision that was on my mom and my part. Bagpipes are considered to be joyous and happy musical instruments, but instead, all we associate it with is the worst day of our lives. Same goes for Amazing Grace and Danny Boy. Please never play me these songs.  Someone could be playing Gold-digger by Kayne West on bagpipes and I'll start balling hysterically. 

Next topic, I'm not done depressing everyone just yet! 

Do you have any of those songs that you've shared with a boy you loved, you broke up, and now you'd sooner have a colonoscopy than listen to that song? I have a few of these that were once a song I couldn't stop playing on repeat, now when I hear it I have to go running in the other direction. I thought songs were supposed to get you over a breakup. Not make it worse. Am I the only one with this problem?

Oh wait, did I list just one song? I mean every song this band has ever written. The lyrics they write, the lead singer's raspy voice drifting from word to word, the images I've worked so hard to forget now freshly emblazoned in my mind. Nope, I'll pass, next song. Thanks a lot for that. 

Have I thoroughly depressed everyone yet???? That was clearly my goal. 

There, how's this for my next topic? Better right? 

I could be sitting in my pajamas as 9pm on Saturday night, hear a certain song, and all of a sudden I'm standing in my closet perusing outfit options with a glass of wine in hand.  

And finally there are those songs when it comes on you think, "Man, is it my birthday? How did the iPod know this is exactly what I want to hear?" These are the songs that just don't get old. The songs that I could listen to every single day for ever and ever. 

I'm assuming you knew this would be on my list sooner or later. I just love it because of how much people hate it who aren't us. I'd play it the whole game if I had a choice.

No idea why. I Just haven't been able to get enough of it since the first day it came out.

See also: everything she's ever made, will make, is making. 

Why do I love this song? Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes. That's why. What is the number one song screamed at  politely requested by Sarah Webb to every house DJ from Dallas to Knoxville? Wipe me down. 

Now it's your turn! I'm going to temporarily host the linkup for Miss Helene until Go Daddy gets their ish together and fixes her blog, fingers crossed it will be asap! I've dealt with hosting issues in the past, not fun at all.

So grab a button (just copy the HTML code below the button below) and paste it in the HTML section of your blog. Add your blog link below!

And tell me Helene what songs define you?

 Helene in Between

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  1. All My Rowdy Friends and anything else by Hank is awesome! I love it when you're in a bar and every. single. person sings along.

  2. I mean, did you still my iPod?!! Awesome post and choices in music. I'm with you on the bagpipes for a similar reason as well. And I will listen to Rocky freakin' Top anytime !

  3. Oh god the "ex boyfriend" songs are the WORST. I can't even listen to The Plain White Tees anymore.

  4. Rocky Top and Miranda Lambert. Good stuff! I definitely have the 'do not play these' songs as well. I believe there is a special spot in hell for people who know not to play those songs but do anyways.

  5. All My Rowdy Friends is my ringtone for all my college buddies. We are at that age for sure!

  6. I love how diverse the songs are lls. Every genre basically. Totally didn't see "Wipe me down" coming

  7. I had a song that I wouldn't listen to for the longest time. I associated it with an ex boyfriend because it was my ringtone for the whole year we dated and then I set it as just his (idiot). It was so weird, I could listen to the song up until the point that played in the ringtone. I always knew right when it was coming and I would change the song. Someone else had that ringtone in one of my classes and I almost puked one day when their phone went off. But's on my list. I guess it defines my life!

  8. I do like that you made your sad/depressing ones first so that I could get my dance on towards the end.

    Sidenote- John Hodgman came into Pittsburgh and he sang Rocky Top with the audience and it was amazing.

  9. Love American Honey! and...Bottoms Up - my jam for sure!!!

  10. Nothing else matters other than Rocky Top! Greatest song everrrr

  11. i will NEVER skip anything by Depeche Mode or New Order whenever it comes on my player.

    Vodka and Soda

  12. American honey is my freakin jam!!!

  13. I knew we both loved Lucero, but their old stuff (Tennessee alubum) does the same for me! Something about that time period of stupid high school/early 20s relationships maybe?

  14. boo the songs that you associate with exes, boo them all!!!!!! ugh.

  15. You know good and damn well how I feel about Rocky Top! I love Wipe Me Down - that's a good random one but always fun! Gotta love the Hank Jr songs!

  16. I was sitting here like, where's wipe me down?! and there it was. LOVE it so much. thanks for being the best ever. ever ever ever. i can't say it enough.

  17. Hank Mother Freaking Williams for the win. Also S&M just makes me happy. Yes.

  18. American Honey <3 glad someone else appreciates this song as much as I do

  19. Most of the songs I listed were depressing! My cousin and auntie made a power point for my step dad when he passed away. Now, there are THREE songs that I have a hard time listening to.. !!
    This was a great link up to be a part of. Good ol' Helene!


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