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06 September 2013

Fan Friday: Football Through My Eyes

A funny thing happened on the way to the fantasy football game. In one of my 3 leagues I'm playing in this year, my mom and grandma are in the league. I call my grandma, Nan. Nan is 87 years old, and playing Fantasy Football.... in case you wondered where I get this craziness from.

Well when we did our live draft last weekend, I laughed because of all the team names I listed here my mom chose Joe Buck Yourself. 

Get to the point, Sarah....

So I go to set my roster yesterday, only to find I am matched up against this team in week one...

I guess you never outgrow your mom telling you to watch your mouth, right mom? And sorry Nan for giving mom the name to use. I'll go to my room now.

On to the regularly scheduled broadcast for today!

1. You see a 68 pound ball of fury screaming expletives at the 369 pound right tackle's mother

2. When a friend asks you if there is a game on Saturday?

3. Saturday Morning waking up with College Game Day on tv, and mimosas in the kitchen.

4. While waiting for the new rankings to come out after a big win.

5. A Number One falls to an unranked team

6. Your QB is doing the post game interview

7. You find the perfect tailgating dress, in the perfect combination of your team's colors

8. A co-worker starts talking about her school's 35 point win last weekend

9. Your team gets shut out

10. The Kicker loses the game.

11. The Kicker Wins the Game

12. You make a new friend that loves the same team you love

13. Your team ends the season with only 5 wins... not 6.

14. Plans after a win

15. Plans after a loss

16. Trying to eat tailgate food after you've already had too much to drink

17. How you feel in August

18. How you feel in January

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  1. Hahahaha! These are on point... especially the one about your friends asking if there's a game this weekend. WUT?

  2. Wow your gifs are awesome and so totally perfect1

  3. I love that your grandma told your mom to change her name! that's classic! All of those gifs had me literally LOLing!

  4. This is perfect!! And yeahh for the SEC!!!

  5. These are all so right! I think I go through every single one of them! So ready for a full weekend of football!

  6. lol! i wish i could relate to this but i can relate vicariously .. in that i know a lot of people who would totally agree with everything here!

  7. Hahaha and this is why I love you. Your nan (and mom) are awesome.

  8. Your Nan and Mom are funny! I just taught my mom how to text so I know she's not playing any fantasy football with me and I'm pretty sure my grandma still owns a flip phone so she's off the table too.

  9. As a fellow SEC fan, I share all of your enthusiasm. However, I am spitting internet venom at those of you who can watch whatever flippin game you want to. Living in Germany is awesome. MISSING COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON BLOWS!!!!

    Oh, and ROLL TIDE!!

    Loved this blog more than anything else I've read today. Thanks mucho!

  10. All of these, dead on! But especially #10 and #11. Poor kickers...

  11. HAHAHAHAHAH best FF post ever! the gifs perfectly described everything :)

    happy friday!

    Vodka and Soda

  12. I love the gifs even if I don't understand the game lol

  13. HAHAHA Love these. Poor mom had to change her name!

  14. HAHAHAH this is too funny!! Your Nan is great!

  15. Mimosas on Saturday morning while watching Game Day is pretty much what my idea of heaven is. Happy day before Game Day!

  16. Hahahaha-- the kicker ones are the best. And they're all so true...

  17. The let me love you one cracked my shit up!

  18. Aha Love this and love you and your Nan is awesome. I am avoiding telling my pop-pop about this because it would only cause havoc in my household. But he would probably kick everyone butts at 85.

  19. OK I'm cracking up because you said you were going to use a tame name since your mom and grandma were in the same league, then your mom goes and chooses Joe Buck Yourself (which is my name in one of my leagues) and THEN she gets yelled at by Nan! But it led to an even better name for your mom, I think.

    My grandma is 95 and is a huge sports fan. If only she knew how to use a computer, she'd be all over fantasy football!

  20. HAHAHAH I loved this! Yea, I actually laughed out loud! Also, I love Nan! Hilarious!

  21. Haha yep! I'm still amazed by the whole southern girls wearing dresses thing. We do NOT do that in Iowa. You can't do keg stands in a dress.

  22. Ugh #13. Story of my life.... :(

  23. #3 and #10.......SO TRUE. Oh my gosh. College Gameday became a routine for me only after they came to TCU in 2009. That was a blast to get up at 4 am to get breakfast and then go stake out spots for the show! And #10. After suffering through at least 3 years of a HORRIBLY kicker, we finally have the best kicker ever and he's SUCH a God-send. Praise Jesus for our awesome kicker. Bad kickers are the worst. Literally, the worst. That's ALL you do. Your job is to kick the damn ball. UGH. I have to make myself stop before the rant comes on.

    Anyway, this list. So true. Love it.

  24. sweet baby jesus that's a lot of GIFs. kudos to you on that.

  25. This was SO highly entertaining...LOL LOVE IT!

  26. This post is awesome! Number five, all day.

    P.S. Your grandma is PRECIOUS!

  27. I have Jordy Nelson on my team too - and my name is also Joe Buck Yourself! (more for my hatred of Joe Buck covering the Yankees but still)...also, your mom had Peyton Manning? She must be ffeeling great today!

    1. I would not have chosen Joe Buck Yourself if Sarah didn't write about it. So it's her fault. Yes, I'm feeling great about Peyton's 7 passing touchdowns. I hope your mom let's your keep your name.

  28. HAHAHA, I LOVE these gifs. Also, your mom and Nan are so stinkin' cute! I'm going to be partaking in some epic tail gating tomorrow-- I got my man and his buddies (and me) 50 yard line tickets (8th row!) to the USC/Washington State game. Yeah baby!

  29. Majorly LOL'd at this. Not only do I love that your Nan had your mom change her name, I love what your mom changed her name to. :)

  30. The MC Hammer GIF just sent me over the edge. Lord I love football season!

    Love your mom's team name! haha!

  31. HAHAHAHA SO FUNNY!!!! seriously I am feeling like January guy right now, effff Payton Manning!

  32. This post is perfect! Love my football season!

  33. HAHAH! Too funny! I've decided that your love for college football is similar to my love for college basketball...very intense but so fun!


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