26 July 2013

Fan Friday: Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names. Check out this fantasy football team names 2014 for girls post too! And this fantasy football team names for girls post from 2010! Funny Fantasy Football Team Names and Dirty Fantasy football team names. 
Fantasy Football Team Names for Girls

What is Fantasy Football you ask? Start here then report back to continue reading this post! 
For everyone else, let's get started. 

Also, be sure to check out my 2014 Fantasy Football Team Names Post

Fantasy Football team names for girls in every type of league. 
Including some for you girly girls
In in to Win it // Embracing the Girly Girl // Talk Dirty to Me // I'm Normal

Foster: Australian for Touchdown

Wam Bam thank you Cam

Joe Buck yourself

Can't keep a Blackmon down

Belichick yo self before you Rex yo self

Rated R for Gore

I'm Sorry Fred Jackson (I am fo reaaaallll)

Winning is my Forte

No Faulkin Chance
Kalil Me Maybe?

Sacks in the City

Wake me up Before you Romo

Va-Jay-Jay Cutler

Aaron Rompers

Brady Gaga

Luck be a Lady

ABC, Easy as RG3

When Life Gives you Clemmons


So You Think you can Dansby?

That's not my Namath

Frankly, you're Goregeous

The Tittsburgh Feelers

Two Mannings One Cup

Urine Trouble

Vick in a Box

Multiple Gore-gasms

Romo Witten his Pants

Big Ben's Prom Dates

Michael Vick's cause for Paws

Too much Junk in your Crotchery
No Punt Intended

Sproles Royce

RG - 3PO

Dez Dispenser

Tootsie Sproles

Harder Better Foster Stronger

Too Legit to Britt

Hakeem, I saw, I Conquered  

Golden Tate Bridge

I make it Dwayne on these Bowes


Minnesota Bi-Queens

Cam you see my Newtons?

Softer than a Brady's bottom

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  1. Haha Vick in a Box.... I think that's my favorite!

  2. Um I peed a little with "Joe Buck Yourself" PERFECTION.

  3. ummm... loving the multiple gore-gasms...haha these are awesome... If I play, know that this list will come in handy for the team name! ;)

  4. You're right. So many options! These are awesome. With my post and your post today, I think we should now start a blogger fantasy football league.

  5. Man I wish I had seen this post! I named myself the Nini Kats (I wasted no time on thinking) And I already made my logo so I can't change it :(

  6. I would name my fantasy team the sparkle ponies in your honor.

  7. LOVE! I normally try to end up with Dwayne Bowe on my team so I think I might have to borrow that one. If there's a blogger FF league, I want in!

  8. Hahaha can always count on you for a laugh, I might need to use Wam Bam Thank You Cam! Go Panthers!!!!

  9. Hahaha, these are all fantastic! I'm loving No Punt Intended :)

  10. I would totally be in for a fantasy league in blog land. Also, the amount of these that you were able to come up with is just amazing. Bravo.

  11. Pretty sure I'm going to be learning everything there is about fantasy football just so that I can have a team name!!

  12. You're a freaking genius! I love ALL of these names. I play in a fantasy team every year and never can come up with an awesome name. You, my friend, are just the smartest damn person ever.

  13. What a fun post idea! I'm just joining a few leagues now. Gonna take those boys down!

  14. Omg can't believe you came up with all these ideas!! I played fantasy football once and it made watching games bearable but now that I'm gonna be apart from my bf for football season I don't think in gonna be watching much! Haha

  15. Gahhhh I don't know how you do it. Killing me ded over here. Now I have to sign up for Fantasy Football so I can use one. Speaking of that.. are you doing a blogger league? You need to!!

    PS. I linked up and I think that's allowed because you changed the rules?! Meep.

  16. Oh my god that talk dirty to me section had me rolling. Now I'm thinkin I should compete against my husband in FF!

  17. Let's do a blogger league!!!! I want to play this year because manfriend made me watch him play last year. And I want a dirty name. Or a girly name. Maybe a combination of the two?

  18. damn girl, you are so clever!!!!! i dont really follow football but do know the names that you are referring to. holy shit, you are just so witty! i love this post :D even though i [hate] football!

  19. these are amazing. I don't play so yea.. but i still cracked up at most of them

  20. These were all epic. I think I may go with Foster: Australian for Touchdown. I play with the same group of guys from high school every year, so its time for a change. I've always been Ante Up Boys, they'll be shocked at the change.

  21. I don't think I've ever been so excited to send a post to my fiance like ever. Well actually ever. I never have.

  22. Joe Buck Yourself = best.name.ever.

    This is an A+++ post...fantastic!

    I also like Two Mannings One Cup but I hate Eli so I could never use it.

  23. I freaking love this! I'm totally using one of these this year, likely from the Talk Dirty To Me category. Mine are usually boring.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Brady Gaga!! These are all AMAZING! I'm definitely finding a league to play in now.

  26. I love this post! I actually did LOL a few times; my boyfriend looked over ot make sure I was okay. This year might be my first time as a league Commissioner...yikes!

  27. You have a real talent, my friend. The naughty section is my favorite, obviously.
    Also, Back That Asomugha Up is absolutely the only reason I'll be playing Fantasy Football today.

  28. I would definitely be The Tittsburgh Feelers! Bahaha

  29. Va-Jay-Jay Cutler is my favorite.

    I'm working on my post to link up. I swear.

  30. AHHH! Every year I have the hardest time coming up with a name! I'm saving this for the fall! Thank you!

  31. Sharing this with my boyfriend and hope he picks Two Mannings One Cup

  32. Belichick yo self before you Rex yo self. perfection.

  33. Hahaha these are awesome! I always use Steelin Hearts :)

  34. My team is: Victorious Secret and even the guys I play with laughed at it.

    1. OH and I forgot that my brother's team for the longest time was "The Romosexuals" and he is a dallas cowboys fan!

  35. I LOVE this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't have time this week due to some family issues but will be back next week!!!

  36. I LOVE this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't have time this week due to some family issues but will be back next week!!!

  37. Buhahaha love these all , gimme Tootsie Sproles maybe?
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  38. Hahahaha I can't contain it..hilarious.. and now I totally want to join in on some fantasy football with the guys here at work.

  39. sweet baby jesus, did you come up with ALL of those by yourself? you, madam, are a genius. I'm not even into fantasy football and I'm way impressed.

  40. These are amazing! I almost want to play fantasy football this year just so I can use one!

  41. I am very seriously considering taking part in a fantasy football league this year just so I can use one of these awesome names. Mad props.

  42. I did fantasy football for the first time last year in an ALL GIRL group!!! It was awesome because none of us had any idea of what we were doing! So we're doing it again this year!! My team name??? ASS INTERFERENCE. And my avatar is Coco's ass.

  43. words cannot describe how freakin' pumped i am for fantasy football to start!

  44. Vick in a box...softer than a Brady's bottom...DYING! I am so so so excited for fantasy football season it's not even funny. Although Aaron Hernandez killed some dudes and now he's in jail which is a shame cause he was one of my best players last season!

  45. Oh my! These were awesome. High five Sarah!

  46. I. Love. These. I'm playing in my first FF league this year and I am pumped to use one of these names! And I read them to my bf who laughed so hard! Congrats lady, so creative!

  47. Definitely going to hit up this list come draft time. I need something fun. :)

  48. This is hilarious. One of my fellow FF teammates named my team - 1st and 16 and Pregnant (one of my coworkers and I were obsessed with the show at the time).

  49. Genius. This is genius. I'm so glad we chatted about this on Twitter!

  50. My team name last year was Cleats & Cleavage... but I think I might be using one of these this year! Hilarious.

  51. ALSO, could you do a post on some taglines?! I can never think of cool ones :(

  52. My Favorite one is Breaston Plants... however Steve Breaston was releasted yesterday-- so I need a new name!

  53. I have Jimmy Graham of the NOLA Saints ... so my team name is Follow Me On InstaGraham

  54. I have Jimmy Graham of the NOLA Saints ... so my team name is Follow Me On InstaGraham

  55. Love Belichick Yo Self (huge fan of the Patriots!!) :) Thanks for sharing all these.... Definitely get's the creative juices flowing!

    -Allie @ www.peachfullychic.com


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