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30 July 2013

A Love Letter to Slade's Brother + Meet My Friends!

Let me first start off by presenting an open letter to Slade's Brother, Kent Smiley.

Dear Kent Smiley,
          WOOF! My name is Sarah. You are sooooooo fine. You know how some women buy really expensive cars to make up for certain shortages? Well I don't even own a car. #boom. I also have excellent credit. I hear you refuel fishing tanks for a living or something? I wasn't listening that closely last night. I couldn't stop staring at your teeth. That's cool, I advertise those motors you fill for a living. Sexxxaayyy right? Just one question, do you like pizza? Cause I want a pizza dat boo-tay. 

Your future wife lover
Ok, glad I got that over with. I was really nervous to write that. I hope he responds!!
Now, lets meet my buds, shall we?

Megan // Yammering Yankee

Kali // Kaliwood
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Gayle // Grace for Gayle

Sara // Sara in Texas
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Brittany // The Domestic Geek
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Brittany loves to put together geeky gift guides! Want to know what to buy your geeky guy? Check out: Board Game Guide // Father's Day Gift Guide


  1. that screenshot. omg. i'm dying. my tuesday is now amazing.

  2. I'm so happy you did this. Just so happy.

  3. I'm a sucker for corny jokes and you just added quite a few to my "go-to" list.

  4. I do not know who slade or his bother is...I am really behind on my tv watching this summer! Regardless the letter is quite entertaining! Happy tuesday my friend :)

  5. Lol....whoa. That's all I got.
    Also...I love checking out your sponsors. I always find at least two new bloggies to read :) Can't wait til I'm up there!

  6. Hahaha "I want a pizza that boootay!" Gotta use that the next time I'm picking up hotties in da club.

  7. That's a great love letter, ha ha!
    I loved those knock knock jokes. I got a few new ones in my arsenal now :D

  8. Oh Slade's brother.... oh slade! They're so special!

  9. pizza dat...hahahahahhahahahaha I just died. Well done. Apparently I really have to watch this episode. Missed it last night.

  10. Oh my gosh! Ha!!! I hope he responds too. ;)

  11. Oh my goodness. I had a similar reaction when I saw him too haha

  12. Daisy me rollin, why can't i be more creative like that. classic.

  13. Wait? Is that really Slade's brother? I missed the last episode!!! We have to catch it when it replays this weekend.

    ~Ashley (A Cute Angle)

  14. Omg. I cannot wait to watch RHOC tonight. Annnd I'm stealing the phrase wife lover to refer to myself from now on as long as you don't mind!!

  15. Omg. I'm dying over here at Starbucks. People are looking at me like crazy. LOL
    Xx- new blog reader :)

  16. I'm loving all the jokes!


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