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20 July 2013

Saturday Sessions: A Guide To Maximizing Your Passionfruit Ads

Change your button design halfway through. 

Most ads spaces last 30 days. Change up your button after two weeks to increase the number of clicks to your site. Plus, it may help you to determine which button design is most effective at gaining clicks. Not getting a lot of clicks from a big blogger you are sponsoring? It may be you, not them. Using a button without a picture? Try switching to a button that includes a picture and see if your clicks improve.

Now I suppose you may want to know how to do this, huh?
Demanding Mandy over here.... well fine....

Let's say I started the month on Mish Lovin' Life with my ice cream picture button and now I want to change it. First I'll find and click that button on my dashboard...
Hit Save Ad at the bottom and voila!
Use the marketplace.

I have no idea why, but I feel like there is the whole nation of blogs out there but I just live in my one state. For example, when I find a blog I have never heard of, with no blogs on the sidebar I have ever heard of, I assume I'm in Vermont or Idaho. Toto, I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore. Where am I? Who are these people? Think of all the new followers I could gain from Vermont!! 

That's what the marketplace can do for you, let you travel do new, exotic destinations like Idaho and Vermont. You can filter by category, price and even location. 

Plus, they even offer featured listings and those are available for each category. It is a bit pricey ($50 a week) but I have not tried it yet. Has anyone purchased a featured spot? I'd love some feedback on the effectiveness! 
Follow Passionfruit Ads on Twitter here and here.

Account number one... @passionfruitads
Will answer your questions or help with any issues as fast as Jimmy Johns delivers your sandwich! Freaky fast! Plus they tweet about updates and sometimes even offer discounts on featured marketplace ad spots! 
Account Number 2 @passionfruitluv
This account RTs blogger ad sales! 10% off, 20% off, 30% off or more.... find out here which of your favorite bloggers are having sales on their ad spots. Plus, be sure to tag them in your ad sale tweets, and they will retweet! 
What is a girl's favorite word? SALE, duh! Beeeeches love sales. If Nordstrom has sales, bloggers should have sales. My friend Helene had a sale about a few weeks ago, and now all her darn ad spots are taken for months since it worked so well!  If you offer ad spots, never let them go unsold, have a sale and get some pretty faces on your sidebar. If your add spot costs $20 normally, do a half off sale, $10 is better than no dollars.
I really wish more people would have some fun with Promo code names. Why are we all using FREE, SALE, SUMMER, WINTER, FALL, DISCOUNT..... be funny. Entertain me, will ya?

And because I just love your faces round here on Saturday, here is a discount for anyone who read this post (I'm not tweeting or facebooking or instagraming this) take 50% off ANY AD SPACE with code: BOOB FACE

This will be open for just one week!

Venus Trapped


  1. OMG, now I have to buy another ad space! I am going for the big one this time even if I am nervous about this whole guest post thing. :)

  2. It was my first month with paid sponsorship with passionfruit and I went boom boom , half sold so probably for other half , I'll use these gems .

    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. You always have the best Saturday posts!

  4. Do you know if passionfruit can be used in the UK? I haven't really heard a lot about it if I'm honest but looks interesting

  5. I haven't taken the leap into sponsoring yet. This blog is still fairly new compared to my last one. Very good things to know about Passionfruit.

    Oh and I totally did not pass up the BOOB FACE promo. That is perfection!

  6. Boob Face, ha! I agree with Dara, your Saturday sessions rock!

  7. Great ideas!! Love your Saturday Sessions.

  8. Toyota, we have lots of UK bloggers, but our prices are only in USD, so just make sure you account for that..

  9. I as well am nervous to guest post however who could pass up this promo! :)

  10. Mine hasn't even started yet and now I'm gonna get another one! You rock crazy girl :)

  11. i'm sponsoring you already this month but now I just have to renew for another month because I love the code boobface. you've inspired me to come up with more fun promo codes!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  12. You are a genius. That's all I have to say about this.

  13. another great post, of course!!! and love this promo code. and love that i get to see you tonight and... all that jazz.

  14. Thanks for the inspiration to change things up a bit!!

  15. Love this! I've been looking into starting sponsorships and this really answered a lot of questions for me. I would love if you did a tutorial on how to create a button- I really want one with my face on it!

  16. i got a free featured space through passionfruit a few weeks ago. i haven't noticed a HUGE difference but that could be because my category is traveling which isn't the most popular one to sponsor. but i think that if you're in the lifestyle category you'd get a lot more attention with it!

  17. HA! Boobface - Sarah, you're the best! I just grabbed a spot, but then realized it's not till September! Whoops! I needed a button but you're designing my site so that's just doubly convenient ;)

  18. I haven't offered paid sponsorship spots on my blog yet, just free swaps, but when I do I will definitely be using these tips! And I jumped all over that promo code, can't wait for August 22nd!

  19. thanks for the code, ya boobface. look at you booked up for months, get it girlfriend!

  20. I'm one of those weirdos without blogs on my sidebar but I'm thinking about changing that soon... this post definitely helps :)

  21. These are great tips! I'm definitely going to have to do something different with my ads because they just don't seem to be working.

  22. Ok I am in love with your blog! These tips are so dang helpful, seriously I had no idea about the marketplace or any of that and I never have thought about changing my ad halfway through the month- pure genius. Seriously thanks so much, I felt like I learned so much from this and I appreciate you taking the time to write it out.

  23. Man this post blew my mind in about ten different ways.

    I've had a link swap set up since starting my blog, but I'm juuuuust starting to get into actually selling and buying ads now that Passionfruit is pay-per-month

    What I'm saying is that this post will now basically have to be my bible.

  24. Maybe a follow up post...what is the best way to offer the same size ad space but different time frame options? 30 days, 60 days, etc.


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