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11 July 2013

Jade and Oak Doggie Drinking Game

I'm thrilled to be guest posting for Sarah while she is living it up in Florida. Whatevs. I'm Jackie from Jade and Oak and for my drinking game, I had to think hard. I'm old(er) and lame(r) and not into games of "skill" like beer pong (which I was super horrible at in my college days too). Since I'm a homebody nowadays and my life revolves around my dogs - duh, a drinking game about my dogs!

If your dogs are anything like mine, they are in your face all the time doing weird / gross / awesome / hilarious things. Their weird quirks are perfect for a drinking game.

The "My Dogs are Weird, Gross, Awesome and Hilarious" Drinking Game

Drink 1 when your dog -

  • Barks at a car outside
  • Tries to steal your food
  • Steals your seat (see above)
  • Rolls over for a belly rub

Drink 2 when your dog -

  • Gives you the stink-eye for dressing him/her up (they secretly love it)
  • Follows you into the bathroom
  • Burps in your face
  • Lays on your clean laundry

Drink 3 when your dog -

  • Farts and barks at the same time
  • Knocks over your beer/wine/cocktail
  • Eats an inedible object (leaves, paper, your socks, etc.)
  • Photobombs your selfie for instagram

Finish your drink when your dog -

  • Poops on a piece of furniture (Bowie pooped on the bottom shelf of our bookcase when he was a puppy)
  • Borrows your clothes without asking
  • Jumps on a table/countertop and eats your meal
  • Covers you in kisses to remind you that you're the best

You have won the game when you've passed out and used your dog as a pillow - goodnight!

This was basically another excuse for me to show off a million photos of my dogs. No judgment, right? I think if I actually played this drinking game, I'd be wasted. Oh and p.s. one of my fave drinks of choice is a flavored vodka with club soda - it's a great summertime drink because club soda is calorie-free! And it's water, so it's kinda like you are keeping yourself hydrated, right? Right.

Hope you'll come say hi at Jade and Oak - Sarah did my blog design and it is sparkly and lovely. Oh and there will be a million more pug photos. In case you didn't get enough in this post.

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  1. love any excuse to post more photos of my dogs. thanks for letting me guest post!!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. This is so cute. The dog is cute!

  3. HILARIOUS. Since I have three dogs, I can pretty much relate to this entire post. I'd probably be wasty-pants within 15 minutes.

    Fizz and Frosting

  4. I think I would be smashed in no time!! Dying over that pic with the pink scarf!

  5. hahah! this is awesome! I do love a good drinking game!

  6. This is hilarious! Can it be altered for cats? Haha! My cats steal my clothes and poop on things sometimes unfortunately...definitely would help to have a drink when that happens ;)

  7. Im certain Floyd does all of these things. I'd be on the floor.

  8. Ohh yes, if I did this, I'd be drunk in an hour! Hawkeye photobombs every selfie and does nothing but beg for belly rubs while on my clean laundry!

  9. Yay Jackie! I love the pugs! And yes, I would be wasted right along with ya. These are all so fantastic (and true)!

  10. Oh my gosh this seems so fun haha. To add to this: drink when you get dog hair in your mouth, drink when your dog gets excited when they hear another dog on TV, and finish your drink when your dog poops in a sneaky spot and you don't have to pick it up!

  11. This post cracked me up!! Loved seeing all of the cute pictures of your pups.


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