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01 May 2015

The Novice's Guide to the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight

I remember watching boxing with my dad when I was a kid. I don't know why I remember this from my childhood, but I do. I remember the trainers handing their boxers smelling salts, super soaker-ing (technical term) water into their mouths and patching up the deep gouges in their faces in between rounds. Their eyes would be so swollen that it looked like giant marshmallows were stuck under their eyelids, trying to push their way out. 
I know you're assuming that I'm an expert in boxing since I've gotten punched in the face at a bar, but I'm not. I guess I'd classify boxing in with Nascar, the idea is pretty simple and you don't need to be an expert to understand two guys punching each other in the face. 
This weekend, about 90% of the dudes in your life will be spending their Saturday evening watching the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight. It isn't just any fight either, it is the most important fight (so I hear) in the last 30 years. I spent the last couple weeks learning everything I could about boxing, in hopes to make Saturday night a little more bearable --- dare I even say exciting --- for all of us! 

Ok let me tell you something that will make you feel better. The judges hold all of the power. They don't have to give any explanation on how they deduct points, or how they choose a winner. The above are just the guidelines that the judges follow how they see fit. I will say, one of my favorite parts of watching sports is calling a penalty before the refs do. Makes me feel like such a badass! Guess you can't do that in boxing! 
So, true story, you will not know more or less about the match's scoring than anyone else watching. That is pretty darn cool if you ask me! Actually, you'll prob know more because you just read this. I feel like an expert already. 
If I've confused you at any point, which I'm sure I did, holler with any questions in the comments section below! I'll do my best to answer, or find the answer! 
Where is everyone watching the fight tomorrow night?!? I hope with a cold beer and some good company! 

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  1. can we all just pause for a moment at how awesome this is?? boxing should pay you and use this as their infographic. I'm just saying. also, I hope pacquiao wins bc I like his name better.

  2. And if you don't know who to root for, just decide whether or not you want Suge Knight to get bailed out of jail or not ;)

  3. I cannot believe all the hype going into this fight. I know it's a big deal, but I think it even overshadowed the NFL draft! It's all ESPN is talking about. I would love to watch the fight at home, but with Mayweather banking $140 million, I just can't see giving him my hard earned $100! I guess that's my issue--how much money they are making vs. how much they are charging people to watch it. Seriously, how much more money does Mayweather need? I think Mayweather will win, but I hope it's Pacquiao!

  4. I know nothing about boxing besides what I've seen in Rocky movies! haha Great insight and easy to follow explanation of the fight. Your graphics are AMAZING, as always!!!!!

  5. Those infographs are AMAZING! I've heard so much about this fight glad to be up to speed now!

    The Lady Lawyer

  6. We were considering ordering and splitting with friends. However, now the Spurs play the Clippers in game 7 on Saturday night, so we figured we better devote ourselves to it. I think Mayweather will win.

    I do what I want.

  7. Well I feel a lot smarter now but I won't be watching it, I can't watch guys punch each other in the face for 12 rounds, I'd be wincing and covering my eyes the whole time!

  8. This is a perfect, simple update and I love it! We will definitely be watching tomorrow! Xo, Stephanie

  9. THANKS!! I'm heading to a party tonight at my husband's co-worker's house. That's hard enough - a bunch of people I don't know. But, I don't know anything about boxing - I actually avoid it. As a middle school teacher, I felt I got enough fighting at school! All that said, I'm looking forward to going, and now I want sound like a goob because of you! THANKS!

  10. I came I read I know nothing about boxing so I am leaving

  11. One of the few dudes who could care less about the fight. I love sports but stopped watching boxing about 30 ago after watching Ray Mancini kill Duk Koo Kim in the ring live on CBS.

  12. Haha this is amazing! I love boxing, grew up watching with my dad so I was excited for the fight this weekend. I can imagine all of my girlfriends would have benefited from seeing this post!

  13. You are a genius. You should probably be hired by some girly magazine (I'm talking to you, Cosmo) to do helpful infographics. Just saying. Now, as for the fight, I'm not a boxing fan by any means...but man, BORING. I understand that Mayweather is one of, if not the best at dodging punches, but I kept waiting, waiting for excitement and it never came. Also, I can't really get behind either of these guys. I kept calling the fight the ABUSER vs. the HOMOPHOBE. Ugh.

  14. Best.Explanation.Ever. ...And now that it's over, what are your thoughts? There is still so much drama surrounding the event!

  15. ummm you are amazing. amazing graphics. just wow. I'm impressed.


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