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06 May 2015

Palm Breeze Ruby Red Gin Spritz

While cooking is a relatively new endeavor for me, creating cocktails has been a favorite hobby of mine for many years.... 7 if you want to be exact! That feeling of pride a cook gets when they throw a bunch of random ingredients in a skillet and wind up with a modern day masterpiece, that's the feeling I get when developing a new cocktail that everyone devours. I take great pride in both cocktail concocting, and cocktail drinking! We have a fantastic hole-in-the-wall craft cocktail bar in my neighborhood, and I could post up at the bar for hours and watch the bartenders create magic in a glass! 

If you follow me on instagram, you'll know I was working on a pretty little "summin summin" last night. I was making a Palm Breeze Ruby Red Gin Spritz with Rosemary Ice Cubes.... and man was it good. CB even loved it --- sorry bud, I'm sure your man card is going to get taken away after I just tattled on you like that
The main ingredient in this beachy, ΓΌber-feminine cocktail is Palm Breeze Ruby Red Citrus, which is a sparkling alcohol spritz. Palm Breeze, which also comes in a Pineapple Mandarin Orange flavor, is a flavored malt beverage which basically means it’s an alcoholic drink made with a malt base, kind of like beer. 

Even though it is delicious by itself, I had some gin on the shelf and fresh rosemary on hand, so I decided to mix those in. This recipe would be perfect for a girl's night, or if you're simply feeling like you need a little sliver of tropical oasis in your life. 

Palm Breeze Ruby Red Gin Spritz with Rosemary Ice Cubs
1 Can Palm Breeze Ruby Red Citrus
1/2 oz. gin
Rosemary frozen ice cubs
Grapefruit slice to garnish

Chop rosemary and place in ice tray. Add water and freeze.  
In a cocktail glass, pour half an ounce of gin over rosemary ice cubes. 
Top with Palm Breeze Ruby Red Citrus Spritz.  
Garnish with a slice of grapefruit and I love rosemary so I threw an extra sprig in there for fun. 
Flamingo drink stirrer optional but highly encouraged* 

Palm Breeze will be hosting Girl's Night Out events at Blo Blow Dry Bar in a few cities across the country. I will be at the Dallas event on Thursday, May 28th! Palm Breeze will be pampering ladies in attendance with free tropical beach style blowouts, tasty hors d'oeuvres and Palm Breeze drinks. If you're interested in attending the Dallas event, RSVP here

San Diego, Austin and Washington D.C. will also play host to Girl's Night Out events, but if you don't live near one of those cities you can enter to win a trip for 2 to the Austin event here, beginning May 9th! 


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. these pictures are flipping amazing. like how can i follow this up.

  2. THESE PICTURES (all the heart eye emojis!!!!) And this sounds like a great concoction! :)

  3. Even the NAME of this drink tastes good !

  4. These look good! I have those same flamingo cups. Or I use to have two of them.. one mysteriously "disappeared." haha

  5. Those cups and the flamingo pics are too cute. That alone instantly makes me want to try the drink (plus you sell it as pretty dang delicious)

  6. Finding these rental halls in Philadelphia was the best thing that happened to us after the owner of our previously booked venue refused to answer any of our calls or emails after giving us completely stupid excuses.


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