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18 May 2015

What Would YOUR Gangster Name Be? + Ad Space Giveaway

I'm so lucky to have such a great BBF to come to my rescue and guest post while I'm away enjoying a full week of vacation! I'm back in Dallas, had a full night to snuggle with my pups and am back at work today!

As you can imagine after being gone for a full week, I have quite the inbox to tackle, so I've asked another blogging pal to help me out... aka help me recover for just one more day from my vacation hangover! Lauren, who blogs over at Lot 48 is a hilariously creative writer (as you'll see in today's post) with possibly one of the cutest marriages in blog land. Stay tuned after Lauren's post, because we both are giving away free ad space! Take it away, (gangster)chick!


hello VTIM readers! i'm lauren and i am so happy to take over the blog today!! VTIM is one of my favorite blogs to read, so this is really exciting for me!! 

to tell you a little bit about me, i have been married for about 15 months, i work as social media coordinator for a beautiful mall in northern Utah, which means i just get to go around taking pictures of clothes from all the stores and promote their sales on facebook, twitter, and instagram. it is SUCH a fun job! i am so lucky! i love being an aunt and have 8 auntie babies, under the age of 5.  i also co host a linkup called "you are beautiful" every other thursday to promote self love and self esteem.  i hope you will check it and join in!  my dream is to be a screenwriter for comedy tv and i spent a semester in college interning in LA at two production companies.  it was one of the best times of my life, other than doing a study abroad in london.

i blog at lot 48 a lifestyle blog where i write about anything that pops into my head, really.  i try to just write about things that will make you smile, like who would play me in a movie, to putting together real housewives gifs because they are soooo funny and kardashians gifs because i am mildly obsessed with them because i find them fascinating due to how completely out of touch with reality they are. 

today i want to do a fun post that i have been wanting to do for a while.  what would be my gangster name?  this idea came to me when i started watching breaking bad.  (so behind on this phenomenon, i know!) so for this post, i dressed in my husband's clothes, tried to mess up my makeup, and look like a gangster.  we ended up getting really imaginative and silly and took a few pictures that ended up being suuuper creepy, so i didn't include those so you don't call the cops on me.  so glad you have the picture above to reference so you know what i actually look like. 

Name Options: 
Barbwire Rain: sounds scary right?  if it rained, you would be totalllly scared of me and would hide indoors, right? 

Death Blade: (for those of you who watch brooklyn 99, we are now best friends, and yes, i stole that name from the chopper episode.  busted.) what name could be scarier than death blade?  

Hiesenburg: hahaha just kidding.  (don't spoil any breaking bad things for me, i'm only on season 3!) 

Lakisha: i used to be a performer and once played a narrator in little shop of horrors.  if you have seen the show, you know that the narrator role is written for black actors.  well this girl ain't black by no means.  so to get into character to act like a girl from the 'hood instead of a girl from the smallest town in the smallest corner of Utah 1 mile from arizona where we had no diversity at all, we all picked black person names.  lakisha was mine.  totally not a gangster name, just had to throw that in.  

Iron Fist: too predictable?  kind of sounds like a MMA fighter, doesn't it?  feel like i've heard it a million times before.  not good.  next. 

Black Dagger: this is my favorite.  makes me shiver in my boots.  scaaary!! doesn't this make you want to run away in fear if i said in a menacing voice "hi.  i'm black dagger." i would run.  for. sure.

and now sara and i are going to give away ad space!! i am giving away a producer ad spot which is the biggest ad on the blog!! this includes a sponsor highlight (q&a) AND option to guest post. plenty of social media love, and the option to participate in a giveaway! Plus, Sarah is giving away a free ESPN sized ad space! huh? how does that sound?  yeah?  now go win! 

thanks for reading! and be sure to stop by the blog or follow me on instagram, twitter, pinterest,  bloglovin, or facebook!

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  1. I actually have a cousin named Sharkisha. I'm not kidding at all. I've never met her but it sounds incredibly 'hood as you put it :P Thank goodness my parents didn't curse me with such a "unique" name.

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  2. What a funny woman you are, what would be my gangster name I have no idea but I do like your last pick

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment I hoped it would be funny!!

  3. hi, miss you!! how can we have missed eachother? Can't wait to hear all about your trip!! and this is hilarious! i have a rapper name which is She Lenes.

    1. I am so glad you found the post funny!! How did you come up with your rapper name??

  4. These are so great! Too bad I know you in real life and know you are far too sweet to be a gangster!


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