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11 April 2014

The 5 Things You Need To Know Before You Go

For those of you gals who are just die hard football fans, you need to open your mind up to watching some of these other sports, like golf and baseball! That's my goal here, ya know! So let's hit it! 

The Masters is going on right now and run through Sunday. The Masters is one of the biggest tournaments (more commonly known as a "major") in golf, and in my opinion is the most prestigious victory any golfer could ever earn. Golf to me is an interesting sport, because I have some girlfriends that are not sports fans, like at all, but will watch every minute of The Masters. 

Three Facts About The Masters:
(how bout this people.... facts inside facts inside a post about facts)

1. Tiger Woods will not be competing this year due to back surgery. 
2. Want to know the very basics about golf? Read this post. 
3. When you win, you get a green jacket. That is unique to The Masters

Just want to wet your whistle? Well then tune into CBS on Sunday around 5pm to catch just the last couple of hours. I recommend an ice cold miller light and patio seating, but that is just, of course, a suggestion. You'll enjoy it, I promise.... because... hello, look at that guy.  

Tuesday was the 40th anniversary of Hank Aaron's record breaking home run number 715. He eventually went on to hit 755 career home runs, and that record stood for over 30 years until Barry Bonds broke it in 2007. I'm not a Barry Bonds fan, but I am a Hank Aaron fan, so today, even though a few days late, we celebrate the legend! 

If there is one thing I'll never do with you guys, it's BS you. I only like to write what I know. So in the spirit of transparency, I'm not totally familiar with all of the details of this story, but I want to share what I do know with you. Major League Baseball is considering expanding the role of technology in baseball, more specifically with regards to the strike zone. Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt has even proposed the idea to completely remove umpires from behind the plate, replacing them with a force field. When the pitcher throws the ball if it touches the force field, it's a strike, if it doesn't, it's a ball.

Well, I don't know about all that, but how would you feel about replacing umpires behind the plate with some form of technology? Oddly enough, I'm good with this idea.... 

 Is this big news you need to know? I sure think so...

A golf fan(atic) bets £10K, equivalent to over $16,000 US dollars, on Rory McIlroy to win the Masters after buying a danish he SWEARS looks just like Rory. Now, I'm all about superstition and good luck signs, but what are your thoughts? Does this tasty treat look like Rory? Would you take this as a sign to bet $16k?

David Ortiz is     s   e   t   t   i   n   g     r   e   c   o    r   d   s      .

After hitting a three run, 8th inning homer against my Rangers on Wednesday night, David Ortiz recorded the slowest trot ever around the bases by a player who wasn't injured... 

3   2   .   9   1        s   e   c   o   n   d   s   . 

I guess we could say he is off to a slow start this season. See what I did there?    

 D a v i d   O r t i z   p a u s e   f o r   r e a c t i o n. 

Personally, I don't care. I like the guy when he isn't doing that against my Rangers. If I ever hit a baseball 429 feet, I'd probably take my time admiring my handy work too.  

Tonight I'll be heading over to the DFW Blogger Meetup, will I see any of you there?! I'm super excited because this will be my first official organized blogger meetup! 

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  1. Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a sh*t!? Sorry I had to.

    Considering my top golf skills, I think I should stick to driving around in a golf cart with beer.

  2. Well hello there Adam Scott. I’ll take five. Wahooo see you tonight!!

  3. I love all sports, but I just can't get into golf. I don't know why. But baseball I love. I'm unsure about the force field idea, it would be more accurate I'm sure, but there's just something about an ump calling that third strike to end the game with a victory.

  4. I thought that danish looked kind of like John Lennon with a bad wig. And I just can't get on board with golf, my dad loves it though, so I'm sure he'll keep me updated.

  5. I may have to watch golf now Adam Scott is adorable!

  6. I love to watch baseball in person and Tyson constantly exposes me to golf and tennis. I'm still waiting for football though! :)

  7. I absolutely love watching the masters, and I can thank my husband for that. I never thought I'd say i enjoyed watching golf until I started watching it with him on occasion. Now I really like it! And yes, watching Adam Scott win was extra enjoyable!

  8. A force field? How futuristic of them.
    And VERY cute golf graphics!

  9. hahah i saw that danish on the news this morning...i had to concentrate really hard to see his face. sooo weird. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  10. You caught my attention. He really is adorable.

  11. I love the Master's! What I really wish, is that I could sit on that porch at the "big house," drink Mimosa's, and watch the golfers walk by.

  12. My boyfriend is driving around spectators for the Masters, and he said he saw Adam Scott. I had no idea that he had WON last year! And I think that force field would be a good idea. Just because then there's no room for people to argue if it's a strike of not.

  13. We lived in Augusta for a bit, and that town lives for the Master's! I used to work golf tournaments and they are a BLAST. You would make such a cute beer cart girl ;) I also love me some Hank Aaron. My family are huge Braves fans, so I feel more like he's 'Uncle Hank' or something. I think technology is cool, but I think I'd miss the ump...I'm stuck in the dark ages, so no one cares about my vote anymore, haha.

  14. Two things I love: golf and baseball!

    I think golf is much more fun to play than to watch, but I still catch a little bit of the Master's here and there.

    Baseball, though? I watch it on TV, listen to it on the radio. I am OBSESSED. And going to the Angels/Mets game tonight. It's my third game of the season and we're only in week 2. I really should have just gone ahead and bought season tickets.

  15. I've dated guys who have gone around the bases quicker than that - HeYooooooooo!

  16. There's only three times you would ever find me betting that type of money on anything.
    1. I've won some sort of lottery that has made me a disgustingly rich person.
    2. I've got absolutely zero percent chance of losing.
    3. I've been drugged, Hangover style.

  17. I can't believe MLB allowed Ortiz to run that slowly! I'm shocked they didn't penalize him for delay of game. That's a thing in baseball, right? Or am I going crazy and totally making that up?

    1. I don't think it is, but it should be. Games are long enough as it is, and they play so many. It really should be a thing.

  18. i am a huge sports nut so i LOVE this!!!

  19. I used to watch a lot of golf, I can do that, I can do tennis, soccer, and so many other sports, but I just can't do baseball. I don't know what it is but I just can't sit through baseball games.

  20. Ugh I wish I could get behind this post. I actually grew up in Augusta down the street from Augusta National and I still don't like golf. Master's week always meant Spring Break for me lol. And baseball? No thank you unless I'm in the stadium in which case bring it on!!

  21. Haha. I had to stare at the danish for far too long before I saw the face, too funny!


  22. so jordan speith who was playing in the masters went to jesuit and is my little sisters are friends with him!

  23. There's also the huge kerfuffle about instant replay being added in baseball! I don't know how I feel about it...


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