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16 April 2014

5 Must Haves for Any Bachelorette Pad

Must Haves for Any Bachelorette Pad
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Reflecting tastes, personality and interests, a home is more than just a roof over our heads. It is a sanctuary, a place where we spend our leisure hours, entertain guests and store our belongings. While bachelor pads were once all the rage, an increase in the number of professional, independent women means that feminine, tailored lodgings are fast becoming hot property. Want to transform your bare canvass into an alluring, functional bachelorette pad? Read on to discover what essential ingredients you need.

The best thing about having your own space is that you have full control over everything. Don’t let anyone else sway or shame you; if you have always dreamed of having a completely pink apartment, go for it! Other great colors to play with include pastels, bold blues and white. It’s always best to have a unified color theme for each room, so start by planning in detail what each room will look like.

Fun Accessories
It’s time to bring out your personality and cater to your tastes. What sort of theme or tone do you want for each room? Popular options include vintage, luxury and feminine chic. Use accessories such as candles, flowers, chandeliers, mirrors and artwork to convey your desired ambience. There are hundreds of blogs websites devoted to home decoration and stores such as Super A-Mart ( stock a wide variety of homewares and accessories. Be creative, be bold and have fun with the process.

Shoe Room
Forget a weights room or bar, a room devoted entirely to shoes is the ultimate feature of a bachelorette pad. Actresses and singers such as Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Alba are all the proud owners of shoe rooms and you can be one too. Even if you don’t have the biggest budget or largest space available, work with what you have to create a special place for your prized possessions. Make use of drawers, storage systems and shelves, and think outside the box.

Walk-in Wardrobe or Closet
Not a fan of shoes? What about clothes? Give your garments the love and attention they deserve with a walk-in wardrobe or closet. Wander through and feel a sense of pride and harmony as you peruse your items, noting how organized and spacious the area is. Not only is a walk-in closet a jaw-dropper for friends, but it can really reduce stress and wasted time. No longer will you be searching for hidden or hard-to-reach apparel; your wardrobe, featuring lighting, mirrors and drawers, will ensure that everything is easily accessible and categorized.

Study or Home Office
Whether you like to write, read or work from home, a dedicated study or office space is a great addition for your home. Style it according to its function; for a creative, productive environment, have white walls adorned with inspirational mood boards, slogans and artwork. For a peaceful, refined library, seek inspiration from classic literary figures such as Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austen.
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  1. I bet your apartment is super cute and funky! I think I could totally convince David for a shoe room.

  2. If only my apartment were that big haha one can dream right?

  3. One day, I will have all of this! Right now I am in a studio, so a shoe room and home office are dreams of mine that will hopefully come true soon!

  4. One day, I will have all of this! Right now I am in a studio, so a shoe room and home office are dreams of mine that will hopefully come true soon!

  5. This is a wonderful idea, but slightly out of reach for most bachelorette's I would assume. I have a 2 bedroom apartment to myself and I don't have all of these things and cannot afford enough shoes to make an entire room for them. 5 things this bachelorette always needs in her bachelorette pad: a bottle of wine, a cozy blanket, flowers, my computer, and some really great friends just a text away.

  6. Loving all these ideas! Definitely have a bachelorette pad and as I continue to make it my own I'll keep these in consideration. Love the idea of a shoe room.... or wall? I don't really have an extra room to designate for shoes... :)

    xoxo, Nina

  7. I have a shoe room and I'm married. Both the hubby and me have a lot of shoe

  8. SHOE room :) that's the best! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Love the shoe room idea. We probably wouldn't want put a list for a bachelor pad. Nothing quite as practical lol. When I was dating my husband I actually asked him if his & his roommates apartment had come pre-furnished. He said No Why? I told him cause it looked too put together for a guy lol

  10. I had all these things in my house and then I decided to move in with the least I have still have the walk-in closet.


    I'm about to redo an entire bachelorette pad, and you have inspired me.

  12. Just have to say I love these graphics!

  13. why do all your posts have to be so pretty? it's not fair. teach me. and shoe room, that would be GREAT

  14. I wish I had my own apartment. I'm renting a room in a house. But I did decide to give my bedroom some style, which it has been sadly lacking for way too long.

  15. You know I sometimes wish I had lived on my own before I married Tim, but can't change it

  16. I need you to do a tour of your apartment so I can see your bachelorette pad!

  17. I have none of these things haha. I have 5 closets, 2 in the bedroom, which ate full of stuff. I'm lost between having a fun living space that speaks to my personality and having adult living space that will last...ugh.


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