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14 September 2013

Saturday Sessions: Bomb Fonts

Quick and easy Saturday Session this week. I've got football to watch today, people! Even though this is a simple post, I think fonts are the best thing you can do for your blog. Fonts will make your blog outstanding, or can even ruin a blog. Here are some of my favorite fonts I've been loving lately! You can click the image directly, and it will take you to a website where you can easily download the font! If you need help downloading the font, go here!

Oh and don't forget to put in requests for Saturday Sessions tutorials here. Requests an be anything from blog design to social media to html!

kg strawberry
callie hand
english essay
jenna sue
market deco font
lovely excuse
pea milly mix
Pinstripe Limo
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  1. I love champagne and limousines, especially for its name!

  2. ooooh so prettttttyyyyyy and i see mine! wee!

  3. Ooh these are so pretty! Will download them all! Thanks a bunch for sharing! ^__^

  4. I'm obsessed with fonts. Thanks for sharing some awesome ones!

  5. I have a few of these downloaded already. I love them!

  6. What would you say is the best way to integrate cute fonts into your blog? I apologize if you've already written about this! xo

  7. Definitely bookmarking this post

  8. Ummm...I love all of these! I tried to pin it but you don't have a pin it button on your blog!

  9. So. Much. Awesomeness.

    XOXO Fal

  10. I have a few of these, but many are new to me. Thanks!

  11. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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    Win 3 amazing prices with a total value of $650 on my blog:

    Only 1 day left to enter!

  12. Hey Sarah... you probably get a butt-ton of random comments so I'll keep this short. You are on my Bloglovin feed just because your site is so cute lol I love these fonts, and have probably already downloaded about ten so far.

    Basically, rock on! ;)

  13. I have most of these and I agree, they are all awesome!

    Kate | Diaries of an Essex Girl

  14. I cant wait for you to get your hands all over my fonts, girl.


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