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08 March 2017

*TOTES* Busy Planning This Wedding

Back with a wedding update!! Ok are you sitting down??? 

Here is what we have planned so far: 


Heck yes, impressive right? I typed out all those dots, just for you guys. 

I felt this GIF was appropriate, I don't know why.
Maybe because it's from the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME, LIAR LIAR.

If you haven't picked up what I'm dishing out, we haven't come together on a single plan yet. It's been nearly two months, in bride world/dog years that's like 48 years of being engaged without any plans.

Apparently you guys like reading about wedding planning, which certainly shocked me! I tend to stay far away from wedding related blog posts, they just aren't my thing. The generally contain some mega first world problems (not judging, my whole life is a first world problem) and I usually can't take them for very long. The post I wrote a few weeks ago though was easily my most commented on post since back in the glory days of blogging circa 2013. 

I guess you're interested then! So I'll type, you read... if ya want. Disclaimer - there might be mega first world problems on the horizon. 

We don't have a venue but we have strategically worked very hard on narrowing it down to somewhere in Texas. 

We don't have a date either, but we've narrowed it down to 2018! 

Making moves, people. Making moves.

Things to note: I don't want to do anything prior to the wedding day. I'd like to show up to a pizza buffet, alcohol and CB/Drew Mize (in that order).

I don't want to DIY, I don't want to sew the bridesmaids dresses from a single goose feather, I don't want to go out to Oregon and stomp the grapes to make my own pinot. I just know me -- I've had the washed clothes I packed from my Miami trip sitting in the laundry hamper, needing to be folded for a week and a half. I'm not going to build my own pergola. I'm just not.

I'm trying to be realistic. Normally I'd tell everyone that I'm going to DIY all the things and Pinterest ALL THE THINGS and making this wedding the most crafted wedding of 2018, but I'm going to cut through my own bullshit for once and just come out and say it: I am probably going to go find a dress and call it a day.

Ok, maybe some cake tasting. And by cake tasting I mean pizza tasting. I'm also down to do some quality control sampling on the champs.... BUT THAT IS IT. 

I've emailed like 100 venues and, shockingly, it's like pulling teeth to get a response back. Is this normal? Do they play hard to get? Surely, I would have thought this would be easy. They give me a price, I give them a sweaty wad of cash, no? What am I doing wrong here? 

The venue that is my front runner (based on price that is, I have NO idea what the price is) but I can't get them to email or call me back!!! Like, what? Don't you want money? Isn't that how you stay in business? 

Well, we might not have a single detail narrowed down but I did start doodling wedding hashtags yesterday, because why the heck not. Here is what I was thinking...

Refresher: CB's actual name is Drew Mize - I realize we've been calling him CB for so long that the real name probably has since been forgotten since I announced it a month and a half ago


(on second thought, perhaps should save this in the event I ever get pregnant) 




(How we met, read story here)

Or we can go the more traditional route...

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