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17 March 2017

No Booze, Spring Training and D Weddings

Happy St. Patrick's Day kids. I totally forgot it was St. Pats today. In fact, I've been confused all week since we did our St. Patrick's Day parade this past Saturday. I thought we were done and past this but ah well, top of the Irish mornin to ya! 

I thought I'd take today to do some basic updates on my life. Easy post, I'll type, you read. 

1. Let's talk about the 24 days of no booze and eating healthy
The eating part has been easy peasy. I eat 5-6 times a day, which I've been told is very good for you. I'm eating a crap ton of avocado and, inadvertently, also wasting a crap ton of avocado. 

I'd venture to say that 30% of my paycheck has gone directly to the purchase of avocados. About15% (of that 30%) are avocados that have been opened, half eaten and then gone bad. I'm not sure of the solution to this problem. First world probs, no doubt. 

I really haven't struggled with the eating healthy side. I don't feel hungry, probably because I'm eating all day. 

The booze side though, that's been very difficult. 

I'll start with a pro on not boozing: I AM SAVING ALL THE CASH. I cannot believe how little I've spent in these past 19 days. More money for half eaten avocados. Yay. 

I won't sugarcoat this, but giving up booze has been really hard. Last Saturday, we got to throw beads on the SEC float in the St. Patrick's Day parade. I don't want to go into a lot of detail because I'm saving all of this detail for one long, "What I learned after 24 days of not drinking" blog post - side note: I see these posts all the time on sites like The Everygirl, and I click them EVERY TIME. So, I'd be crazy not to write it myself. To sum it up, everyone around me was completely shit canned and I was as sober as a gopher, which was tedious to say the least. 

Another side note of not drinking: everyone assumes you're pregnant. 
Nope, not pregnant, just torturing myself for fun.

One last weekend of no booze to go. I GOT THIS.

Another side note: Saturday I have VIP tickets to the bacon and beer festival and VIP tickets to Local Brews Local Grooves Beer Festival. FML. Both events include unlimited beer. The first event includes unlimited bacon. I just really hope both events have Topo Chico because that's pretty much the only thing keeping me going. 

2. Texas Rangers Spring Training with Toyota 

I hinted on instagram about an upcoming collaboration I have with Toyota. Well, to spill the beans, CB and I are headed on an amazing road trip to Texas Rangers Spring Training in Surprise, Arizona in a brand new 2017 Land Cruiser!! WHAT. WHAAAAAT???


We are so excited, we are almost annoying to be around. We leave Tuesday after work and it cannot come soon enough. We are breaking the trip into 3 stops. 

Tuesday Night, March 21st 
Dallas ----> Amarillo 
We don't have any stops planned -- mostly because I'm told there is nothing to see between Dallas and Amarillo. 

Wednesday Morning, March 22nd
Amarillo ----> Albuquerque I still have not figured out how to spell Albuquerque without the help of google so let's just call it ABQ. 

Stops Planned: 
Sunset Drinks (FIRST DRINK ALERT) at the Apothecary Lounge at Hotel Parq Central

Thursday Morning, March 22nd
ABQ ----> Scottsdale - Talking Stick Resort

Stops Planned: 
Wigwam Village (wigwam is my favorite word, we have to go here)
Cock Rock (yes, you read that right. I'm sorry, that is hilarious and we are stopping.) 

I've never been to New Mexico, nor Arizona. If you have ANY recommendations on stops that I didn't list PLEASE holler at me! I'm all ears! 

3. D Weddings Partnership 

For those of you who are not from Dallas, my absolute favorite magazine/publication in Dallas is D Magazine. They have a division of D Mag, totally devoted to Dallas weddings called D Weddings.

WELL.... YOUR GIRL HERE is going to be partnering with them for the entire duration of our engagement, sharing behind the scenes, struggles, excitement, fun, joy, nerves, anxiety, pressures and the TOTAL LOVE of the wedding process. 

I'll be taking over their social channels and website during each step of the wedding process from looking at venues to choosing a dress. IT IS GOING TO BE SOOOO FUN and not to mention a great opportunity for Dallas Love List too! They're looking to expand and grow the D Weddings brand and I am SO PUMPED they chose me to help them with that. 

I'm working on my first blog post for them as we speak, so I hope you'll follow along with me on their social channels: Insta // Facebook // Blog

EEK! So much fun stuff ahead and I hope you'll follow along with me for all of it! 
Happy St. Pats, kids! Have a great weekend y'all! 

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