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21 March 2017

What To Do On A Weekend in Denver

I have been a total slacker on trip recaps but better late than never! Back in February, CB and I spent a long weekend in Denver. We hit as many local Denver breweries (and even a winery) as possible, found lots of amazing street art and ate all of the food. Here is what we did in Denver, where we ate in Denver and what we saw (aka- the best Denver street art) while on a long weekend in Denver! 

So CB and I love craft beer (actually, we really don't discriminate, we enjoy anything that starts with A and ends with lcohol) and we heard the craft beer scene in Denver was off the charts. We knew we wanted to hit as many breweries as possible. In order to keep our wits about us and not be out of commission by 2pm, we split a flight at each stop. 

We stayed Downtown at the Holiday Inn Express, paid for with IHG points. I'm lucky to get enough of those from work trips to pay for a few weekend getaways each year for me and CB! This hotel had just been renovated and included a free breakfast plus great views from the room. Location was excellent too, we were able to walk to what we wanted to do that day!

We woke up, grabbed a *free* breakfast and headed out on a stroll to the RINO district, stopping for mural after mural along the way. All of these were found on the walk from downtown to RINO. 

Our first stop for the day was in the RINO district for Bloody Marys (and coffee, and water - I'm a 3 beverage kind of gal at breakfast) at the Denver Central Market. I'm told the Denver Central Market is new, and let's be real here it is downright CHARMING AF.

Denver Central Market

SUPER cheap *so comfy* kicks SIMILAR HERE + HERE + HERE

In addition to trying to drink efficiently, we also wanted to eat efficiently. So we shared small plates at several different spots. At the Central Market we split the Labne Cheese toast w/ Dukkah salad from Izzo and Bloodies from the bar there, Curio

After scarfing that delicious toast down, we ventured down the street to Ratio Beerworks and split our first flight of the day. This place was a colorful retro themed beer wonderland. It was so funky, and the beer was delicious too. If we ever meet in person, I assume I'll order an IPA, my beer of choice!

Ratio Beerworks

After Ratio, we walked back toward downtown to The Great Divide and split a half flight there. 

The Great Divide

After that we walked BACK down to the RINO neighborhood and had a wine flight at Infinite Monkey Theorem which is an AWESOME urban winery. We split a few different varieties, one of which had to be a rose because I just can't quit them. 

Infinite Monkey Theorem

After that flight (yes, still standing, but feeling very groovy at this point) we walked down the street (still in RINO) to Our Mutual Friend brewing which was jam packed so we knew it would be great. 

Another hour, another flight. 

Our Mutual Friend

Ok, still keeping up?
Next we went to a super unique concept for a bar, First Draft.

First Draft

I didn't take any photos here *face palm* but we did meet up with Sami and her sweet boyfriend Brian. Sami showed us the ropes on how this place worked. 

Basically, think of this bar like one of the fro-yo places you've been to. They charge you by the ounce. So go ahead, pour however much you like into your glass, but it'll cost you. 

We also learned that they cut you off after so many ounces. WE OF COURSE DIDN'T USE ALL OF OUR AVAILABLE OUNCES. ANOTHER TABLE DID. 

jk. We might have used them. We weren't driving, and ounces are small. 

Really unique concept, I hope they'll bring it to Dallas! 

For dinner that night we couldn't resist the incredible tourist trap known conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Sushi Rama

Sushi Rama

We paid too much for sushi and probably got hosed, but we had fun and smiled the whole time. (Smiles may or may not be due to using all of our available ounces at First Draft-- TBD.) 

We also saw this sign which was crazy accurate....

Following dinner, we spotted what looked like a cool place with flashing strobe lights (my weakness) and headed in to Voicebox. I'm hoping you guys don't judge me with this story but if you do, then oh well. CB and I are very social when we have a beer or in today's case like 14 mini beers. Voicebox, as it turned out, was a group party Karaoke spot. Groups can reserve their own private room and karaoke - in private - with your friends.  Well, CB and I were DYINGGGG to get into one of the rooms but obviously didn't have a group. 

So we sat at the bar and tried to make small talk (aka - become best friends) with every last person who walked up. 

We started with gems like, "So how bout them Broncos?" or "HAVING FUN IN THERE??!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?"

We were prepared to buy shots, whatever it took to get in a karaoke room. 
Sadly, no one invited us in :( it was sad. 

SO - if you ever hit up a Voicebox in your area and see two smiling people trying to make small talk at the bar, INVITE THEM INTO YOUR GROUP BOOTH DANG IT! They'll be an awesome addition to your party, I promise! 

After that we called it a night  and took an uber home. 

The next morning we met Sami and Brian for a brunch we were very excited about at a place called Bacon Social House. I had my go-to Eggs Benedict, a Bloody Mary and - how could we resist - a bacon flight. 

Bacon Social House

From there, CB and I found a spot to hunker down and watch the Super Bowl for the rest of the evening. 

The next morning - Monday - we HAD to hit up Snooze for breakfast. I had so many recommendations for that place, that I couldn't NOT go there. Plus, we had tried to go to the one in Austin but the wait was just way too long. Heading there early on a Monday morning, we didn't wait at all! 

Again, more Eggs Benedict, now do you see why I had to start the healthy eating train?????? 

One more mural and we were wheels up, back to Dallas.

I without a doubt fell in love with Denver. The RINO neighborhood reminded me so much of my favorite Dallas neighborhood, Deep Ellum, and I almost didn't want to leave! The people were all so chill. From what I saw, everyone was just really damn cool. No one was dressed to the nines, everyone was wearing kicks and jeans or comfy clothes. I honestly would fit right in in Denver. 

Alas, Dallas has my heart, but Denver gets a major honorable mention. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it is less than $100 to fly there from Dallas on a handful of different airlines! 

Until next time, Denver! 

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