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01 March 2017

The iPhone Camera Setting that will make you break up with your DSLR

I've only been meaning to write this post for the past three months. When I got my new iPhone7 plus, there was really only ONE reason I wanted it and that was for the camera. This one feature on the new iPhone has single handedly caused me to stop carrying around my DSLR. I'm not joking, I have not picked up the DSLR since I bought the new iPhone. 

Ok, you ready for this? These are all taken on the iPhone....

The iPhone7 Plus has a setting called Portrait mode. You'll find it right in the camera app, in between "Square" and "Photo"...

Bye bye clunky DSLR, hellooooooo iPhone! 
This is an Instagram Husband TOTAL. GAME. CHANGER.

Now, obviously, professional DSLR cameras and lenses are just WAY better than this, but I don't have a professional DSLR, I just have a basic Rebel T3i and a 50mm lens. I honestly think the iphone is comparable to the photos I take on my DSLR. 

Here are two side by side, can you tell which is iPhone and which is DSLR? 

If you can't tell why should I??  

Oh yeah, and the puppers on the right is the former shelter pup Gizmo, who we took out for a day on the town and showed off on Dallas Love List, then he was adopted a few days later!! Pretty awesome right? 

This is obviously NOT sponsored by apple, but damn I sure wish it was and I got my iPhone for free 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I know there is ONE TRILLION photo editing posts out there, but I'll be back with the 1,000,000,000,001 post on photo editing in a second installment on how I edit my portrait mode photos! 

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