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31 March 2017

Planning A Dallas Wedding || #BrideToBeWithD

Today is the day, today we launch my first post for DWeddings!

Oh, but first, notice things looking a bit different around here?  Let me do a little intro on the new design. I wanted something new but I also was too lazy to do a major overhaul. I sat down at the computer the other night and just kinda started cranking out changes. It was the most productive I've been on this blog in a long time. It felt good!

The about me section desperately needed to be updated, so that has been revamped. I've added a new cocktails page and an updated social media and blogging tutorials tab at the top. I worked really hard (for like 2 nights after work, that's really the maximum effort I can handle) to get everything uniform and organized. I've been blogging for 4 years now, that's a lot of posts to sort! 

I haven't started on the sports tab, I'm going to try and finish that this weekend. That'll for sure be the biggest undertaking. 

I also overhauled the WORK WITH ME tab with an updated media kit and previous collaboration examples for potential new partnerships! Finally, I added a tab full of weekend getaways from my 48 hour trips over the years! 

This time around I went with the soft pink. I never pegged myself as a "pink" girl until it occurred to me recently that that's exactly what I am. I was walking out of work the other day and I looked down at the 3 bags I was holding. 

I had a large computer bag - soft pink. 
Inside the large computer bag - computer with case on it - case is soft pink. 
Cross body bag - soft pink.
Wallet in cross body bag - soft pink. 
Gym bag - soft pink. 

It was then and there that I stopped trying to fight it and made peace with the fact that I've become a soft pink girl. Alas, the blog is now soft pink. 

Ok, per the usual, I'm rambling. 

My first feature for DWeddings is L I V E!!!!! I'm so pumped! CB and I are taking off work on Monday to go exploring a ton of different venues on our list, and I'll be sharing the behind the scenes on DWeddings instagram

True to form, I wrote way too much in my first post for them, and some of it got cut. I'm not one to throw away perfectly good content, so I thought I'd share a little "about me: bridal edition" with you guys today! 

1. I’m sure every bride says this but I honestly don’t forsee myself being bridezilla - but more bridechilla.

2. I love pizza. There WILL be pizza at the wedding in some form or fashion. I have friends who will make fun of me for this but it’s our wedding, dang it! Let them eat pizza!

3. I have two rescue pups, one is white, and one is black. Ipso facto - I’ll probably always have dog hair showing anytime I take over Instagram stories for D Weddings. I’ll make a conscious effort to use the lint roller more often, just for you guys. You’re welcome.

4. My fiancĂ© is social media shy. He doesn’t have facebook / twitter / insta / pinterest / etc. Like the shy giraffes at the Dallas Zoo that won’t come out and play without a little encouragement and a bit of lettuce bribery, maybe we can convince him to make an appearance somewhere along the line. I’ll probably use guacamole to bribe him, rather than lettuce. That’ll be far more effective.

5. Deep Ellum is my favorite neighborhood in Dallas. You’ll probably find me there most weekends.

6. I’m very sarcastic, when in doubt, assume I’m joking.

7. Rosé all day

8. TJ Maxx all day

9. If one of my dogs blinks funny we are at the vet. I can’t help myself. I blame

10. Wedding Plans Nailed Down So Far: ________________________. And that concludes the list of things we’ve finalized since getting engaged Jan 28th.

11. I’m physically incapable of DIY. I’m clearly missing that crafting gene. Plus, by the time I go to Michaels and buy the one trillion ingredients and supplies that most DIY projects take, I’m left scratching my head as to why I didn’t just use Etsy in the first place.

About me lists are hard, so I’ll end on a nice even number like eleven.

I can’t wait to share this wedding journey with both you guys and everyone who follows DWeddings! We will get the festivities kicked off over on instagram stories this coming Monday, April 3rd, as I take you with me to explore wedding venues in Dallas!

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