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30 January 2017



Wait --- you guys now know him as Drew. I can post his photo on the internet. 

Real name.

My head is spinning. That is a lot to handle at once. Maybe I should have rolled this out in waves rather than going for it all at once??? Ah well, I can't hold in surprises. Nor can Drew.

Ok, that feels weird to type Drew. Can we still just call him CB?? Ok, cool. That's what we will do.

Ok I'll start from the beginning and do my best to get you guys all the details.

I have an upcoming blog post where I had to throw a 50 Shades of Grey themed party, so I had been planning all week to throw a 50 Shades of Darker party at our house on Saturday. Mid-week, CB told me that his friends were planning on getting together for a beer or two at Deep Ellum Brewery and dinner somewhere in Deep Ellum before the party. All that sounded good with me.

Saturday morning rolled around and I still had SO MUCH to do, to the point where 2:30 rolled around (when we were supposed to be at the brewery) and I still hadn't even gotten in the shower yet. I told CB to go on ahead so he wouldn't be late and I took my time getting ready.

I mean shoot, what did they need meeee at the brewery for?!? Getting this party blog post ready was more important than an IPA at the moment. 

I arrived at 4pm at the brewery... only 1.5 hours late, no biggie 😂

I had a drink with everyone and we all decided to go to this new restaurant in Deep Ellum I'd been dying to try, Stirr. On the way, my friend Heather asked if we could find a mural to take an all girl's group photo. I suggested the Texas themed hand mural (seen here). Come to find out this was CB's PLAN A mural, so I'm sure he breathed a deep sigh of relief when I suggested the exact one he wanted.

Side note: there are more than 40 murals in Deep Ellum.... just FYI. 

We get there and I jump up on the ledge expecting the gals in the group to follow suit. I start to get antsy when no one is joining in the group photo and I'm just standing up there alone. My friend Larissa then hands me a pouch and says this is for you.

I open the pouch and inside is a miniature figurine of The Traveling Man, which is an iconic Deep Ellum statue (pic here). I start freaking out asking Larissa, "WHYYYYY did you buy me this??" I know how expensive that figurine is (I've been eyeing it in the store for years) and I couldn't wrap my head around WHY she did this.

Then I see Drew (errr CB... whatever... this could get difficult)  climb on the ledge behind me. He tells me to look back in the bag and then I see a ring attached to the traveling man figurine and it was about then that  I scream HOLY SHIT.

editors note: i think this is mostly what happened, i kinda blacked out at one point. 

He pulls out a pocket knife and he cuts the ring from the traveling man. I then immediately take the ring from him, and he is then forced to take it back!! aaahhhahaa... I told you, I was blacking out, I couldn't control my reactions at this point. 

At this point he is still standing up. Right as I'm wondering if he is really doing this and if he is going to get down on one knee..... he kneels. He then says a series of things that at the moment I cannot remember.

What I do remember is having our friends all snapping photos and videos, then Drew asking me WILL YOU MARRY ME???? and me screaming YESSSSSS and then making out repeatedly with joy.

And then, after all the dust settled, I go...
All these people took photos and videos. What do I get to do with them??? Drew said I could post them and I shrieked so loud that everyone within a half a mile turned their head to make sure I wasn't dying. I actually was dying but a good dying. The "Literally Dead" form of dying.

IT WAS PERFECT. Everything was perfect.

So, with that said, here are a million photos.


You didn't really think all these people were here for a 50 Shades of Grey Party did you?????? 

Uhhh... I did. I actually did! LOLS! I just thought everyone heard I had donuts and vodka... I thought that was all it took!

You'll see the full party in a later post... but here is a CB covered face for old time's sake!

It was a nice little Saturday, I'd have to say! Both of our families each sent us the kindest texts and calls.... each side welcoming us to the family. I think that was the coolest part for both of us, were all the WELCOME TO THE FAM texts! 

I'll leave y'all with my favorite photo of the two of us back in November at the Margarita Ball --- since I've never been able to post it! EEEK!

And for those that prefer video, here ya go!

 photo signature_11.png

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