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31 January 2017

Getting That Morning Fix

I cannot believe how many of you reached out to me and CB with words of love and congratulations over the past few days. I'm going to do my absolute best to respond to every single one!! We are both just so over the moon. We knew we wanted to get married one day for sure, but I don't think either us expected the absolute joy and love we felt for the other on Saturday afternoon. To sum it all up: IT WAS THE BOMB! 

We should get engaged every Saturday! Lols!!!

As far as wedding details go, we are going to do our best (key words there "do our best") to pump the breaks and really enjoy these next few weeks of being a newly engaged couple! We have a trip to Denver this weekend, just for fun, and can't wait to spend the entire time celebrating.

Today though, for those of you who might have missed the first two posts, I am collaborating with RaceTrac to talk about #Whatevergetsyougoing in the mornings. In the first post I talked about the 10 Things Experts Would Say I do Wrong Every Morning. Think hitting the snooze button multiple times and then running around frantic trying to get ready. In my second post, I talked about one of those really crappy mornings that all of us have. The kind where everything just seems to be going wrong. That post can be found HERE.

I'm coming at you today with the third post of this four post series, talking about morning habits, rituals, specifically what seems to be getting people going in Texas and across America!

RaceTrac released an interesting infographic about the different morning purchases across the country. Take a look below.

I thought I would break down how my mornings compare to the averages done in this study!

The norm is coffee and I love me some coffee. I have a strict two cup limit though, any more than that and I get a bit loopy. By a bit, I mean I lose control of my hands and word vomit starts to happen. Better safe than sorry, so I always just stick to two cups!

In nearly every scenario where I'm faced with the choice of sweet or savory, I'm going to choose savory. I don't really have a sweet tooth. I have a pizza tooth and a chips and salts tooth. And I'm pretty sure my molars prefer cheese. Although I'm not judging, the idea of a hotdog in the morning sounds odd to me.

My morning go to? Grab a breakfast bar and GO! I keep it simple!

I don't remember a time I've bought a bag of ice in the morning. Again, that's an odd one to me. Maybe people take coolers to work? I'm lucky enough to have a kitchen at work, with a giant fridge!

588 miles of roller grill items? That's more than half of the drive from Dallas to Knoxville! Gameday road trip anyone?

Ok, but if they drank ONE MILLION GALLONS (*Dr. Evil Voice) how many bathroom breaks does that equal? LOLS!


Texas is all about those breakfast burritos. I for one, cannot stand breakfast burritos. I like my eggs one way and one way only: RUNNY. The more yolk, the happier I ham (that was a breakfast pun). Breakfast burritos come with scrambled eggs - not my thing. Good thing I am headed to Miami in a few weeks, because Florida is where I would fit in on the breakfast spectrum. A piece of fruit, a breakfast bar, a cup of coffee and I'm golden!

Maybe this is just me, but I find it really odd that breakfast/granola/protein bars didn't make an appearance anywhere on this infographic. I feel like I see people grabbing a meal replacement bar all the time, but turns out those people, and myself, are in the minority!

I also love me some breakfast sandwiches! I know I mentioned this in the last post, but the next time you're driving to work and there is a RaceTrac on your side of the road, stop in and grab a breakfast sandwich and get a cup of joe for just 50 cents!

SO- tell me, how do you typically start your mornings? Coffee and a breakfast bar? Soda and a hot dog? Red Bull and a donut?? What gets you going?

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