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03 February 2017

Dogs and Decor

I posted a photo on Dallas Love List (not so subtle brag - which hit 10k last night and I'm really pumped to have a K in my number)  of our living room. I took the photo after we had spent all day cleaning and hanging new art and moving stuff around and yada yada yada. Point being - a lot of work went into that photo. 

People left really nice comments saying how cute our house looked. CB sometimes goes and reads comments left on my blog or instagram. He texted me and said, "LOL at the people who think our house is cute."

I was like WHAT? It is cute. Why is that funny?????? 

He of course brought up the fact that a few hours later the dogs had mud and dirt and dog hair everywhere and the house was back to being a giant mess. This is true, our house is a mess 95% of the time, and the other 5% is when we have guests over. 

All that matters though is how cute the house CAN POTENTIALLY look though right? It has the potential to be very cute. It just isn't, the majority of the time. Kind of like me. I have the POTENTIAL to look cute, do my hair and makeup, put on something other than leggings -- I just don't 95% of the time.  



It looked cute for 5 minutes and I took photos and am now going to pretend that it looks the exact same way today, at this very moment, even though it looks nothing like this now. 

We Cool?

Room Details - 
I've linked what I can, litereally everything else (minus dogs and remote controls) is from TJ Maxx. 
Remote controls from Direct TV - Dogs from Shelter (NFS - not for sale)  

Couch || Leather Recliners || Multi-Colored Branch Piece Purchased at Jade&Clover

That's legit all I can link. Sigh. Go shopping at TJs, you might be able to find some of it!
(I'd be the most broke fashion blogger with my affiliate links, huh??)

Why is Gee standing/sitting like that, what a weirdo.

Was this post just an excuse to show you pictures of my dogs? One will never know.....

We also bought a new Bar Cart and it is PERFECT. I had been searching high and low for the perfect bar cart, for the perfect price. I'm not joking, I've been looking for a solid 2 years. I then found this one shown below for such a good price and it is PERFECT.

It is functional and cute. I'm pumped to finally move all the liquor out of the cabinet and free up some storage space!

I'm not done adding crap to the bar cart yet. As you can see there is more room for wine glasses and wine bottles. The wine bottle section will be a challenge because who keeps more than 1-2 wine bottles on hand at any given time?

NOT ME -- they get drunk before that can happen!! Shoot, I'm pumped I had an unopened bottle for the picture!

Also- working on getting those prints framed. It's only been a year that they've been sitting in plastic wrap, I'll get to it eventually, maybe give it another year or two or three.

Or never...

My friend Magen gave me those cute cocktail napkins and the cocktail kit! Aren't they adorable??  

So anywho, there is my very poor excuse for a home blog post with clickable links. 
I'm off to Denver tonight with CB! Any suggestions??

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