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24 January 2017

I Woke Up Like This (And It Was Obvious)

Thank you to RaceTrac for sponsoring this post! 

In case you missed it, last month I kicked off a partnership with RaceTrac! In my first post, I talked about the 10 Things Experts Would Tell You I Do Wrong Every Morning. Take this morning for example, I hit snooze 3 times. So sue me. 

RaceTrac's new campaign is to support #WhateverGetsYouGoing in the mornings. They stand by their opinion that there is, in fact, no wrong way to get you going in the morning. If you need a hot dog, grab a hot dog. If you need twizzlers, grab some twizzlers. If you need a 32oz soda, well shoot girl get that 32oz and get going! 

Today, I'm going to talk about terrible mornings. 

I've been trying to think of a terrible morning in the past to share with you. Of course there was Bagel-Gate 2016 (who could forget that) and then there was the day when I snapped, and realized I have completely uncontrollable road rage and potential anger management issues

You've already read about those mornings though, so let's talk about a recent morning at the office. 

*footnote, just spilled coffee on myself. sigh.

Like any normal living, breathing 30 year old woman in the workforce, I try and put my best self forward for work each day. Sure, sometimes my outfits look like an 8 year old boy picked them out for me, and I wear leggings way too often, but I'll at least do either my hair and/or my makeup on days where I choose an 8 year old boy's Polyvore collage for inspiration. 

Well on a recent morning, long story short...

I was running late.
Had zero time, didn't get to shower.
Didn't do my hair. 
Left the house with zero makeup on. 
Threw on some leggings, a ragged spaghetti strap dress/tunic thing with tattered strings hanging off the bottom and a dull grey cardigan with 3 buttons missing. 
(....more importantly.... WHY DO I EVEN OWN THESE ITEMS????

I tossed my makeup bag in my purse and figured I'd tackle that on my lunch break. The hair... well the hair was just going to have to suffice because, if you have curly hair, you get where I'm coming from there. 

Here, I took a selfie for you guys.... 

No biggie, nothing going on at the office today. I don't have any meetings... it'll just be me becoming one with the oldddd cubical. 

So I'm just sitting there typing away, editing photos, working on some graphics, checking social media, tending to my inbox.... yada yada yada......

And out of nowhere, up to my desk walks a film crew of 6 Japanese guys who don't speak English. Tripods in hand, video equipment in tow, still cameras around their necks, shining blinding lighting equipment in my face. I'm immediately a deer in headlights. 

I try to ask what is going on. I try to say "Oh, no no no. Thanks though." I try to get up and run away. I tried to call in sick.... *cough*. 

They didn't understand anything I was saying. They just kept motioning to me to act like I'm fake typing, and to smile at the camera while fake typing, because that is normal. 

To this day, I still haven't figured out what had just happened. But I will apparently be making my video debut somewhere in Japan without having had a shower, un-styled, unbrushed and unwashed hair, zero makeup on at all, wearing $3 H&M leggings, a ragged spaghetti strap dress/tunic thing with tattered strings hanging off the bottom and a dull grey cardigan with 3 buttons missing... fake typing and smiling like a confused, clueless bimbo who doesn't know what is going on.  

Those American girls are really something else. 

Super duper gang. Happy Tuesday. I spent the rest of the day in the bathroom, swimming in all the makeup I could fit on my face. 

Thank the lawwwd there is a RaceTrac just down the street from my office. I could actually walk there, if I were feeling really adventurous. Pick up a little more coffee, which is just $0.50 (any size!) for the month of January when you buy a breakfast sandwich. 

It might not save me from being an internet meme in Japan, but it would, at the very least, have lifted my spirits to have had some chocolate covered raisins and a diet coke that morning! 
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