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31 August 2010

WTF?! Moment of the Day: Golfer sparks an uproar

According to an article I read on

Saturday was not just another day on the links for a certain golfer, we will call him Smokey. After a tee-shot that was not-so-great, Smokey, the friendly golfer found himself in the rough on his second shot. Anyone knows who plays golf, we have all been in a rough patch in our game!

Well Smokey begins his backswing and his club hits a rock on the way down. This rock sparked, which in turn sparked the very dry ground around it, which sparked a 12 ACRE BLAZE!!!!!


So you are telling me there is a little boy scout somewhere in the world right now sitting there with a couple of little sticks in a little campsite in the woods for hours and hours rubbing those little sticks together in the hopes it will get them a little badge from the little spark it may or may not ignite; AND THIS GUY ACCIDENTLY HIT A ROCK THAT SPARKED A 12 ACRE BLAZE?!!??


150 firefighters answered the call to help stop the blaze. Our golfer Smokey was quoted saying, "I knew i had gotten fired up about doing well on the back 9, but I didn't think it was contagious!"

No he didn't say that, but again...


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