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22 August 2016

NFL Fan Style x Venus Trapped in Mars

I think I type this exact sentence year after year, but.... FOOTBALL IS SO CLOSE I CAN'T EVEN STAND IT. 

Nothing makes me happier than hitting the sports bar for the Vols game on Saturday, and then morphing into the couch on Sunday for a full day of NFL. 

Days when there's NFL football in London? Well that is just like a day of euphoria. 
Wake up, brew coffee, morph to couch around 8am -- a full 4 hours earlier than usual. 

I think I might have to stop talking about it or else I'll be in trouble for the rest of the day, filled with lust for that first official kickoff to football. Friday night was almost too much for me to take, watching my BOYS in pre-season action! 

Dak Prescott looked pretty darn good, Romo's clavicle and myself are both thrilled about his performance. 

Last year, you might remember I got the coolest opportunity to partner with the Dallas Cowboys and film a video about Female Fan Gameday Rituals. Oddly enough, I still haven't gotten the go ahead to share that video. I'm thinking I might follow up today for the 400th time -- I have no doubt I'm probably annoying them!

Can you blame me though??? I am dying for you guys to see it, mostly because the pups make their cowboys debut in some pretty fresh threads.

I misjudged a little on the size of Veenie's jersey. She was a bit thicker than I realized, perhaps too much gameday queso, like her mama. I'm joking - the dogs do not get people food unless their Grandmom is in town and she sneaks it behind my back.

BUT THIS YEAR.... I have another really cool partnership with NFL Fan Style that I think you're going to dig! This entire NFL season, I'll be one of eight NFL Fan Style Bloggers participating in an NFL Fan Style Fantasy Football League! I think you'll recognize a couple familiar faces participating... like this chick and this chick

Throughout the year, all 8 of us will be sharing exclusive content centered around NFL Fan Style... and mine will of course be ALL ABOUT THEM COWBOYS, BABY -- (as I'm sure you already guessed). 

In other news, this will collectively make 4 total leagues I'm playing in. 
Genius, or idiotic? I'll select genius! One of the leagues has my 90 year old grandma in it, I'm sure she will present the most intense competition I'll see in any of the 4 leagues. 

Our draft is tomorrow, so wish me luck. I'll be spending my evening creating my Draft Toolbox.

Who do you have as your number one pick this year??

Let the games begin! 

Be sure to follow along all season long with me and the other 7 ladies using the hashtag #NFLFanStyle

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