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11 August 2016

The Complete Guide to a Weekend in Key West

Things To Do In Key West

Key West, for those who don't know is Florida's southern most point and, unless you're a Florida resident, a two plane ride trip. I connected in Miami, then had a tiny plane take me into Key West. On the plane I sat next to the nicest little old lady named Nancy. Nancy, a Key West local, asked what things we were going to do in Key West.

My friend Magen had built us an itinerary and I showed Nancy what we had planned. Nancy was very impressed by our choices, and made several ohhhh's and ahhh's! Needless to say, Nancy pumped me up for the weekend. 

After we chatted the entire flight,  in the most serial killer fashion, little old lady Nancy asked if I'd like a ride to my hotel! "SURE!", I told her, not considering the fact that Nancy might be an axe murderer in disguise. 

Nancy's little old lady husband Ron was waiting for us in the airport. 
Nancy: "Ron this is Sarah we are going to take her to her hotel"
Ron: *giving Nancy an "oh, Nancy" look he'd clearly done before* "Alrighty then."

So yes,  I began my trip by riding to my hotel in a car with two strangers. YOLO! Nancy nor Ron were axe murderers (or maybe I wasn't their type) and I made it to Casa Marina safe and sound and ready to party! 

Weekend Guide to Key West
Where To Stay In Key West

Where To Eat In Key West

Drag Shows To See In Key West
La Te Da  (you'll need reservations!!)

Where to Drink in Key West

Two things I will tell you before you set off for a weekend (or week, if you happen to be very lucky) in Key West. 

1. You'll sweat to death
2. Just realize that the chances are very high that you will accidentally walk into a male strip club

Ah well, just embrace it, live a little. Well.... I don't mean EMBRACE it. I just mean, take it all in stride. Well don't take it TAKE it in stride. Ok never mind, I'll stop. 

Yowza... on to the good stuff, photos! 

Our hotel was absolutely stunning! 

We were celebrating my friend Megan's bachelorette, and had the cutest little men that joined us on our cocktails all weekend!  

We are all almost 30 or already 30, so this is the adult version of the penis straw, I guess you could say. P.S. ---- am I allowed to say penis straw? Is that banned from blog land?!? Oh well, just said it twice. 

Penis straw.  *giggles uncontrollably*
Three times.  

We spent a lot of time at the hotel, both at the pool and at the bar, drinking lots and lots of cocktails!

Another great spot we found was the super colorful Sunset Pier!

Drag shows are a huge deal in Key West, and we managed to hit two of the absolute best shows at Aqua and La Te Da. The La Te Da show sells out though, so be sure to get your reservation made before you head that way! 

Seriously every restaurant we hit was mind blowingly good, but I only took one photo, and that was at DJ's Clam Shack. 

I got the Maine Stuffed Lobster Roll, and, omg. 

On the last day, I was solo and was able to do some exploring on Duval Street. I put on some workout clothes and tennis shoes and walked and walked and walked! I also sweated my butt off... not really... I wish. That large butt is unfortunately still there as I type this. Whomp Whomp. 

Here are some pictures from my adventures up and down Duval Street! 

So what are you waiting for?! 
Grab your sunscreen and get your butt down to Key West!  

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