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17 August 2016

One Happy Veenie

I've talked about my full time job here and there (full post on what I do here) but for those who don't know I work for an outboard motor company. One of the perks (which I never took advantage of until this year because I'm dumb) is the company boat. As you can imagine, an outboard motor company has a company boat for employee use. All you gotta do is put your name on the signup sheet and it's yours for the day! Another perk of working for an outboard motor company? The fact that everyone who works here is a boating enthusiast, and already own their own facto... the boat is available pretty much anytime I want it. 

My mom came in town this past weekend, so I put my name on the list to take the pontoon out. Once I was told dogs are OK on the boat, I promptly went out and secured a life jacket for Veenie. 

Now- for those wondering, "WHAT ABOUT GEE?" Well, Gee hates the water and is not to be trusted off a leash, because he is a beagle with a nose for the news. Trust me on this one, Gee with the house to himself, and no crazy Veenie jumping on his head at all times, that was a treat for him. 

So I strapped Veenie into her lifejacket and we headed out to Lake Grapevine. What happened next will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. 

Yes, this is just a post with photos of my dog over and over and over again. Deal with it. 

And here she is helping CB catch fish....
(I know, I'm so annoying RN, I can't help it) 

Man oh man... What a delightful set of images. 
You think Veenie had a good day?!?

Still not sold? Ok, well check out this video. 

Dreams don't work unless you do #NoRest

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