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04 August 2016

A Rather Large Christmas Flamingo (and Other Dilemmas)

It's Thursday, I'm lazy and I'm making a list! 

All of my phone case designs HERE

1 // CB and I went to Ikea last night and made it out alive! I guess our relationship really can handle even the strongest of challenges. I will admit though that I did tell him, more than once, you are JUST COMPLETELY ANNOYING RIGHT NOW. I'm sorry, it's not my fault it's Ikea's fault, it brings out the worst in people. 

We are trying to revamp the house, or I guess you would call it vamp the house, seeing as we've never done anything to it in the first place. We have a lot of challenges, the two biggest being of the furry, dirty pawed variety. Face palm on getting a black dog and a white dog, no color surface is safe! 

We are also very cheap, but I think we are on the right path. We got a few new things last night, with a solid plan for our next purchases. We are grownups now, so we need a living room that shows that ------- read: football season is almost here and we want our friends to want to come over and Sunday Funday with us. 

We are on the hunt for a couple of matching arm chairs, if you have any great (inexpensive) suggestions on finding great pieces, holler at your girl. 

2 // My office has turned into a dungeon of where blog props, old packages, new packages, backdrops and trinkets go to die. I have zero storage in there, and organization is NOT my thing. There is a tiny closet, but its packed-to-the-brim full. That closet's contents include a rather large christmas flamingo (not parting with), a printer we use once every 8 or 9 months that smokes when it prints, 43 pieces of dented poster board that I for some reason haven't thrown away and enough paint left to us by the builders to repaint the entire home... three times. 

I need to store large, oddly shaped items. For example, I have a cute little blue rotary phone that you'll never know when I'll need for an insta pic, and table tops from ikea that I use as picture backgrounds. 

I have no idea what to do, anyone have any ideas or a direction to point me in? Where do you guys put all of your blog crap?

Also I want to spend like nothing... ok, maybe like $5, k, thanks. 

3 // Today is my Friday! There will still be a really exciting blog post tomorrow -- it's almost football season and Fan Friday will be back and better than ever -- but I just won't be "in the office"! My girlfriends and I are headed to.....

KEY WEST! Woop! 

We are going for my friend Megan's bachelorette party, but if you have any ideas or suggestions of places you love there, hit me with it! I'm all ears. 

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Toodles, peeps! 

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