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09 September 2014

If I had Been Live Tweeting #AppleLive

1. Everyone on this planet is hilarious and in comparison, I have the humor level of a saltine cracker.

2. #FirstWorldProblems

3. BORING! tell us more about that front camera.... 
but first...


4. Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?

From this...

to this...

Collecting Oxygen and releasing Carbon Dioxide is a real pain... 


5. What's next? iUndies- apple underwear? Know this town like the back of your hand....

Actually, lets make this happen. A map + turn-by-turn directions down there for men might be helpful. (omg a sexual joke... yikes)


6. On that note... 

Things they should have made before making a watch:
an iPad for your iPad's iPad 
Ok you got me, I haven't eaten lunch yet. 

7. No wonder everyone hates America. 

8. Murica. You're welcome, world. 

9. Is someone compiling a #firstworldproblem's list? I sure hope so... 

10. So the apple watch is an iPod Shuffle? With a stunning buckle?

11. I simply CANNOT WAIT to see everyone's apple watch boxes on Instagram. #saidnooneever

12. But, I can get it in gold right?

13. iUndies, people. iUndies. Come on replacement Steve Jobs. Make it happen. PLEASE.

iUndies: You suddenly won't mind group messages....

14. The one thing my watch was missing before... a watch! #genius #apple #applelive

15. The heck is a mouse? 


16. Yeah, yeah, yeah... we all know I'll be there holding a blank check. Because, apple. 



  1. Haha, trust you to point out the incredible ridiculous of the whole thing, while still absolutely accepting that we're all still lining up to buy the latest and greatest thing. Also, iBoyfriend sounds pretty great.


  2. This is great. Also, iBoyfriend. Yes please.

  3. iBoyfriend and iSushi? Sign me up for that! ;)

  4. iBoyfriends? Sign me up! And about that turn by turn direction.....

  5. hahaha #firstworldprobs and iSushi nomnomnom
    xoxo Aimee

  6. Where can I get my iSushi?! The group text with the iUndies was cracking me up!

    We all make fun, but you know we will all be in line on September 19 picking up our gold iPhone 6.

  7. There were a lot of mentions of edible products and plenty of insinuative jokes. We know what you're thinking about, Sarah.

  8. I'm definitely wondering if putting my ipod nano on a strap will pass for the watch.

  9. Now if that Apple watch can give me more hours in a day, I'll be impressed. Otherwise? WHO CARES??

  10. Haha I love all your sexual jokes like the iUndies LOL. Group messaging HAHA!

    iBoyfriend would be so handy right now too LOL.

  11. iUndies... you suddenly won't mind group messages!!! HAHAHA. This is why I love you.

  12. i watched the keynote and your post is really funny

  13. All I have to say is who carry that many card in the wallet. I know I sure don't.

  14. hahahaha, I LOVE this post. I love your humor--it's right up my alley. Can we just be friends?? :)
    I'll probably be right there with you on the 19th. Because, apple.

  15. the watch is too much. i mean, we are already attached to our phones enough! maybe I'm old school. anyway... iPizza yes.

  16. Oh my goodness, am I the only one that thinks the watch is the worst idea ever?! I'm attached to my phone enough as it is (working on breaking that a bit right now, actually!) but to have something right on my wrist that alerts you of every communication... no, just no. People will be zombies.

  17. This is hysterical!! I honestly feel like they could put ANYTHING out there, slap an Apple logo on it, put it in minimalist packaging, and people (like me) would shell money out hand over fist for it. Even if it is excessive or unnecessary. Because, like you said, Apple.


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