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09 March 2016

Thunderstorms, Hoverboards and the Save Button

You always hear parents joke about the pain of stepping on a lego. I'm sure stepping on a lego is massively painful and all, but have you ever stepped on an antler dog chew???? That's how I started my morning. I've checked the bottom of my foot about twelve times for blood, there isn't any, but I might check again here in just a minute to be sure.

We have these damn dog antlers scattered everywhere around the house. Some are new, some are very old. Either way, I'm certain these things never end. An antler is both the best and worst investment you can make for your dog. I recommend wearing shoes at all times when there are antlers around. Which is always

In order to deal with the pulsing pain in my foot (yes, of course I'm being dramatic) I think I better just stick to a nice, neat bullet point list for today's post. Much like Cher Horowitz's main thrill in life, makeovers, bullet point lists give me a sense of control in a world full of chaos. Or a world full of dog antlers, whatever. Let's be real here though, bullet point lists are really just an effectively lazy way of avoiding any kind of transitional sentences.

1. Speaking of dogs, I'm convinced they can tell when a storm is coming. Although Veenie sleeps in the bed, under the covers, snuggled up in my nook every night, Gee rarely joins me in bed. He's always been fickle about wanting to be in the bed, but ever since Veenie came along it became more and more rare to find him under the sheets.

If there is a storm though, you'll find Gee in one place and that place is under the covers spooning with me. 

Last night he crawled into bed with me right off the bat, no calling his name or soliciting him with the promise of a 10 minute long belly scratch. When we went to bed the weather was clear, but sometime around 2am CB and I both shot awake after the loudest crack of thunder I've heard in a long time. It was about as loud as the sound of my iPhone shattering on the ground at Starbucks

There Gee was, already snuggled up under the sheets playing the role of little spoon. I swear he knows when a storm is going to roll in. Is that possible?? Or am I crazy? 

2. I've had a reoccurring issue lately with companies emailing me, asking to work together, then completely disappearing. The other day, this company emailed me asking to send me a hoverboard. I thought that was THE COOLEST EVER, as did CB.

I emailed back within seconds, followed up a couple of days later, then followed up a third and final time. Beginning to sound like the crazy ex-girlfriend (why won't you return my emaiiiiiiiiiils, nooooooo I thought we had a good thing here?!) I let it go. 

They emailed ME though. What gives??? This has happened a handful of times and I'm left scratching my head in confusion. Has this happened to you? 

3. I'm kind of peeved about blogging lately. I know what you're thinking, "Here she goes again trying to find her purpose in this blog world" but that's not where I'm going with this. Bloglovin is killing the chances for the best writers out there to get noticed. Now I'll be the first to tell you that I don't think I'm a good writer. I think I'm pretty good at entertaining an audience via photos, and slinging a few paragraphs together, but my attention span for writing is very short. This is why I'm one of the few bloggers out there without any aspirations for writing a novel. 

I am however mesmerized by those blogs out there that can talk about normal, every day life and make me giggle, make me think, make me emotional and make me inspired all in a single post. Finding new bloggers to follow who are excellent writers (favorites: here, here and here) seems impossible to do on Bloglovin.

I often scroll through the "popular" page on bloglovin. What you'll find there are posts that many people have "saved". To understand why someone would "save" a post, think Pinterest. You save a post because you want to come back and revisit it. Perhaps you'd save a recipe, blog tips or an outfit you want to buy after pay day. 

Take one of my posts I wrote a while back called, "The Challenge That Will Truly Test Even The Strongest of Relationships." I personally enjoyed writing that post, and it did well with those who already followed me on Bloglovin. No one is going to save that post though, so no one is going to, in turn, find that post that doesn't already follow me.

The best posts out there aren't getting saved, making it difficult to find new bloggers to follow who are putting funny/witty/hilarious/thoughtful/inspiring words on paper (so to speak). 

It would be nice if bloglovin' could somehow do a separate button that basically conveys, "I genuinely enjoyed this post and I think others will too." Some of the best posts out there won't get pinned, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth a read. 


Ok, my list is done. 
Have a splendid day, peeps. 

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  1. you promised me only bullet points! I see lots of full sentences... JOKES. #2 YES. what in the actual heck??! Bloglovin is annoying. so are a lot of things. okay, i'll stop ranting on your blog and just text you.

  2. I have heard that dog know when storm are coming. My grandma say if you see a dog rolling on it back then its going to rain.

  3. I'm not really a blogger, but an avid blog reader and I was recently looking through Bloglovin's popular page and keep seeing the same 10 blogs. I realized that it's all about the save and not the like there. Last week I started to consciously save posts that I didn't intend to go back to so they would get the heart. But I'm sure not a lot of other blog readers are doing that... and I'm not that great at remembering myself!

    (PS - I totally saved this!)

  4. I'm not really a blogger, but an avid blog reader and I was recently looking through Bloglovin's popular page and keep seeing the same 10 blogs. I realized that it's all about the save and not the like there. Last week I started to consciously save posts that I didn't intend to go back to so they would get the heart. But I'm sure not a lot of other blog readers are doing that... and I'm not that great at remembering myself!

    (PS - I totally saved this!)

  5. Dogs are so strange - my dog refuses to go outside when its raining, even before I know its raining. On a non raining night, how do you have to pee at 2:30am, but when it's raining your can miraculously hold it until the rain stops in the morning? I think sometimes my dog just likes to torture me.

  6. Bloglovin is unfortunate for that whole 'save' reason. I gave up trying to be big on Bloglovin. It's nearly impossible to be discovered. However, SOMEHOW I discovered you (don't remember how) and I'm glad I did! List posts are awesome and I hope your foot survives the unfortunate antler incident.

    Humor & Lifestyle //

  7. I think dogs definitely know when a storm is coming. They tell us seattleites that if our dogs start going crazy we may be minutes from "the big one" AKA the earthquake. Because dogs sense those things. I completely agree with your point on Bloglovin' - it's what I use to read blogs and I find it so irritating that when I go to the Explore section it's the same bloggers and the same posts day after day. And it's rarely just heartfelt, well-written posts. It's recipes and outfits and make up routines like you mention. And don't get me started on their awards that seemingly go solely to fashion bloggers!

  8. I use Bloglovin' as a following/updates tool only...I didn't even know there was a "popular" page! ha! Behind the times.

  9. I feel like well-written blogs and popular blogs aren't always a match... the ones that are most followed and popular are the ones with the best photos, and the biggest sponsors. Or an app or something.

  10. I completely agree with you on Bloglovin. I really hate that they even made the "save" process more difficult (in the last year?) by adding an extra step: select which collection to save to! Is that even necessary?

  11. It's interesting that the more I learn about Bloglovin' the more I realize it's really only provides success to a certain type of blog. Hopefully they take feedback and will make the necessary changes to make is better for everyone.

  12. Funny enough Roxy (my doggy girl) has been acting off all day and right this second she is curled on my belly with a blanket over her. I don't know if she just isn't feeling well or if its the storm that is supposed to be coming tonight.

  13. A "share" button on Bloglovin like on Facebook! I definitely agree!

  14. You have hit on one of the many issues I have with Bloglovin. Don't get me wrong. I think there are a lot of positives about it. But the fact that they only bother to showcase bloggers that already have massive followings is really irritating and isn't helping us "little guys" find an audience through them.

  15. I completely agree with you and know what you're talking about with the blogging world. It's kinda frustrating sometimes that today we bloggers feel like we'll only get noticed if we publish content that really helps others. We can't just be ourselves anymore. We have to publish posts about "10 things that will make your life better" or recipes or tutorials etc. I miss the days of just writing about life.


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