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28 March 2016

48 Hours in San Antonio || Where We Stayed, What We Did

How To Spend a Weekend in San Antonio

I'm going to first start out by asking all of you San Antonians a very big question that plagued me the ENTIRE trip.....

How many people fall in the Riverwalk each year?

How many? It's gotta be in the thousands? More? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?!?!?! Do tell.

First of all, there were about a trillion people jam packed into the Riverwalk. I don't know if it's because Dallas is so spread out, but I feel like I never see THAT many people (I'm assuming mostly tourists) in one part of the city. Sure, the Grassy Knoll attracts a lot of visitors, but not nearly as many as I had to dodge on the Riverwalk this past weekend. 

Second, there are no railings or guardrails. That blew my mind. Tourists, myself totally not included, are pushy and oblivious to anyone other than themselves. CB and I walked one by one, to be polite and make way for the families of 24 that all insisted on walking side by side, blocking the entire walk for anyone else. It got really dicey about 12 different times, and is nothing short of miraculous that I wasn't pushed into that water. 

I TOTALLY understand now why it's probably very rare to see a local at the Riverwalk. At least at the busy parts of the Riverwalk. That's a total shame because DAMN is it beautiful. This Dallasite was totally jealous that you guys have such a beautiful stretch of water to stroll whenever your heart desires. 

So, if anyone has the answer to my question, I'd love to know. Siri wasn't much help. 

Aside from my constant terror that a drunk idiot was going to push me into the water, and aside from the fact that CB got pooped on by a bird in the middle of a gorgeous, sunny afternoon on Friday we had the most fun during our trip. 

I'll start by saying... we failed on the food selection. I won't even tell you where we ate because you'll be so embarrassed to be reading this blog that you'll probably click away. 

Ok fine, you got me, we ate multiple meals on the Riverwalk. 
I'm SORRY to have let you down.

Chips and salsa are like the world's most powerful magnet to me. When I see it available, I'm physically unable to turn it down. Furthermore, I'm even more embarrassed to tell you that I thought everywhere we ate on the Riverwalk was freaking delicious.

I'M SORRY. I'm so boring. This is why I can't have nice trips.

Ok ok ok. How about I just shut up and start our trip recap?

Where We Stayed?
Hotel Indigo at the Alamo

Anytime we travel for work, we always stay in IHG properties. This is fantastic when it comes time to travel and I have points built up. We stayed at the Hotel Indigo for free, and even got upgraded to a corner suite which had a fantastic view of the Tower of the Americas and the Alamo!

Where to Stay In San Antonio

Where to Stay In San Antonio
Loved this historic hotel, would for sure recommend for the great location and charm!

What We Did
Alamo, Tower of the Americas, Riverwalk, Market Square, Explored, Ate

CB was born and bred a Texan, but I've only been here a few years now, so I embraced my new Texas side by paying my respects at the Alamo. We weren't allowed any photography inside the Alamo, so here are some snaps from the outside!

Where to Do in San Antonio

Where to Do in San Antonio
What to Do in San Antonio
What to Do in San Antonio

We walked to the Tower of the Americas. CB and I can be slightly impatient at times (see also: always) so we didn't wait in the crazy long line to go up the Tower. We're lame, I know.

As I've already discussed, yes we did the Riverwalk. Again, not wanting to spend 3 hours of our very short time standing in line, we didn't get to take a Riverboat cruise. We instead walked a good majority of the entire thing! Probably better for us anyway. (And enjoyed some cold beer while doing so!)

Sunday morning we got up bright and early and walked to Market Square. This was quite the interesting walk, seeing as we had a homeless man trailing us the whole time yelling cuss words and telling us he was going to beat the BLEEP out of us. Looking back, I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking to us, more just to his invisible friend, but it creeped me out either way. YAY Happy Easter to you too, SIR! 

I was very relieved to finally arrive at the most colorful little square of shops and eateries I ever did see! 

Here are a few more snaps I took around downtown San Antonio! 

^^^ we had cocktails at this bar. Went for the history, but ended up leaving before even finishing our drink. I would recommend peeking through this hotel, but would not recommend sitting down for a drink. 

In a totally opposite scenario, we had a blast at this perfect little bar on the Riverwalk. 

On our way home, we left early enough to stop at what I was told was a Texas institution, Salt Lick BBQ. We got there around 11:15am, and they were already on a thirty minute wait. TOTALLY WORTH IT THOUGH. 

There is a chance I might be brought to tears just sitting here thinking about this place's BBQ. Dear lord. 

Now I'll be putting my luggage away for a while and never eating again. 
If you've made it this far in this VERY long post, I'm impressed by you. 

Tomorrow morning I'm going on a quick, but fun little adventure. 
Follow along with me on Snapchat to see where in Dallas I'm headed! 

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  1. Sounds like you did the trip right. OMG Saltlick is my favorite place. We went there after my godsister graduated UT then afterward were supposed to do her graduation cake (yeah we didn't eat much cake cause were stuffed). You need to try Oasis and Hula Hut

  2. waiting in line is not for me, so never ever lame. looks like y'all had a fantastic time!! i know need chips, queso, and a marg or three.

  3. Last count I heard was 11.5 million annually. :-) Glad you enjoyed SA!

  4. I went to SA as a teen, but would love to go back and explore! Also, love those metallic flats! Mind sharing where they are from?!

  5. It looks like you had a great weekend getaway! Loved your colorful pics, thanks for taking us along!

  6. I live in New Braunfels and have asked the same question and was told that they have on average 8-12 people fall in a month. If you jump in you will be fined like $1500!!!

  7. That sounds like such a fun weekend! I've been to Dallas several times, but never to San Antonio. I'll have to add that to my list-of-places-I'll-never-finish-crossing-off-before-I-die-because-it's-too-freaking-long!

  8. Ahhhh this looks absolutely amazing. Last time I was in San Antonio I was a little kid so I'd definitely love to go back sometime soon!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  9. San Antonio is actually one of the places on our list to move this summer (there's about 10 other locations), so I loved reading this :)

  10. Ok have to say this if I was to walk by a river I would most likely end up in the river because I have shit balance, just saying. I do think you had a great time in San Antonio not a place I will ever get to visit.

  11. Of course I made it through the entire post because those pictures were wonderful and anytime anyone talks about traveling I need to know EVERYTHING.

  12. A friend of mine is moving to San Antonio in a few months and your post has made me so excited to go and visit! I'm absolutely terrified I'll fall in the Riverwalk though. I most definitely would be THAT person!

    xx, Caitlin

  13. I love that you've been going on all these amazing 48-hour trips! The food looks amaaaaazing. Take me with you??

  14. I just went to San Antonio for the first time last year and loved it! We also ate dinner on the Riverwalk (FOR SHAME!), but how much did you love Market Square and Mi Tierra? It looks like a pinata exploded inside that place.

  15. I have only been to San Antonio for a few hours, and I absolutely loved the Riverwalk! I need to go back!
    And Salt Lick was seriously amazing! I could have stayed and ate for hours! lol!

  16. Looks like fun! I went to the Riverwalk in 2013 and I wondered the same thing!!

  17. I visited San Antonio a long time ago but my husband was just there in November. He ate along the Riverwalk, too, even though he probably could've totally sought out a nice juicy steak somewhere less touristy. Oh well! Love the pictures!

  18. Glad you had an awesome weekend trip! We went there on a daytrip a few years ago and visited all the same spots--we must have been there in the off-season, though, because it wasn't crowded at all and we even took a little boat cruise without having to wait in line or anything.

  19. We were stationed in San Antonio for a couple of years, and loved it so much, we think its our number one retirement location! You such go back during NIOSA celebration. Very grown up nighttime festive fair. Glad you enjoyed the city!


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