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16 March 2016

Blank Over Blank

Jeopardy over Wheel of Fortune

Instagram over Twitter

Chips and Salsa over Dessert  

Doug over Rugrats

Family Guy over Southpark

Yellow over Pink

Rocko's Modern Life over Doug

Miller Light over Coors Light

Real Housewives Beverly Hills over Real Housewives Orange County

Apple over Microsoft

Blogger over Wordpress

MLB Opening Day over NFL Opening Day*

Texting over Phone Calls

Tulips over Roses

Night Out over Night In

Dog over Cat

Country over Pop

Rap over Country

Dresses over Jeans

Bagel over Donut

Dive Bar over Swanky Bar

Swanky Bar over Staying In

Chicago over New York*

Audio Book over Printed Book

Cosmo over Vogue

Steven Avery over Manitowoc County

Canon over Nikon

Cold Weather over Hot Weather

Blue Cheese over Ranch

City over Country

Darts over Billiards

Pizza Hut over Papa Johns

Bloody Mary over Mimosa

Sex and the City over Friends

Oysters over Lobster*

Whiskey over Bourbon

Bubblicious over Big League Chew*

Outfield Seat over Infield Seat

Skyline Views over Beach Views

Tickets over Flowers

Dippin' Dots over Ice Cream

12 Month Planner over iCal

Window Seat over Aisle Seat

Peyton Manning over Tom Brady

Buzzfeed over The Chive

Moes over Chipotle

#ABMLifeIsColorful over #FlashesOfDelight

Miranda over Gwen

Steph Curry over LeBron

Larry Bird over Steph Curry

Disco Ball over Beach Ball

Flamingo Pool Float over Swan Pool Float*

St. Patrick's Day over Cinco De Mayo*

Bravo over E!

Fruity Pebbles over Captain Crunch*

Kroger over Whole Foods

Gameday in Knoxville over Gameday in Arlington

Jim Gaffigan over Louis CK*

Mindy Kaling over Amy Poehler

Skittles over M&M's

CB over Ryan Reynolds*

*denotes a very difficult decision

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  1. This is awesome, yes rap over everything because Drake lyrics are so relatable...LOL

  2. i freaking love this post. that is all.

  3. You lost me at RH of Beverly Hills over OC but then I came running back when you chose Miranda over Gwen. I just don't get that relationships, I just dont!

  4. Bloodys over mimosas all day err day!

  5. I may have argued with the monitor a couple of times on a few of these, but most of them I was with you!

  6. Bagel over Donut? I cannot resist a classic glazed donut from Krispy Kreme.

  7. This is so so so fun! And you're totally right about chips and salsa over dessert, but I'm gonna have to disagree about SATC over Friends (although that would be a difficult decision asterix for me!)

  8. This is phenomenal. I cannot believe you chose MLB Opening Day over NFL Opening day! I mean, I know the weather is right and it ushers in summer, but THE NFL!!! I'm a little creeped out how similar my picks would be to yours. Also, Larry Bird is my husband's boss and I know I told you before, but he was college dorm mates with Steph Curry! Basketball kinship right there.

  9. Love this so much! I'm totally with you about dogs over cats!

  10. haha this is awesome...except for Manning over Brady....

  11. How in the world did you think of all of these? Seriously.. coming from someone with the attention span of a gnat I am impressed. I read it all too! Good one!

  12. Love this post! But... Chips & salsa over dessert!?!?!? O_O

  13. Love this post! But audiobooks over printed books? No, no, no!

  14. Blue cheese over ranch. Yaaaaas.

  15. Ryan Reynolds is my hall pass! Sorry, CB!

  16. I can't even believe you made a decision between fruity pebbles and cap'n crunch. Also, there are a few I disagree with you on, but for the most part - I think you are on point.

  17. Chips and salsa over dessert any day! Loved this post.

  18. I had Moe's for the first time today and I was impressed!

    Blue cheese over ranch is right!! I hate when you order it and you end up tasting ranch #worstfeelingever

    RHOBH definitely over RHOC

    Love this post!!

  19. Haha...some of these had me laughing, some of them made me think "ok she's crazy" but overall, at the end "over" didn't seem like a real word anymore.

  20. Your creativity amazes me!!! I'm a 911 dispatcher and I love reading your posts between horrific calls it keeps me smiling throughout my shift. Thanks for brightening my day. Although I've been a dispatcher for 1 month and been your reader for years, your blog is my favorite to read at work! You're the best!

  21. Peyton Manning over Tom Brady!

  22. Yes to so many of these!! Country over Pop, Cold Weather over Hot and Dresses over Jeans! Xo, Stephanie


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