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25 November 2016

How To Style The Perfect Shelfie

Our house is forever a work in process. As I'm sure you guys would all agree, you are never really done. Something can be moved around or re-styled, or the new perfect piece could be waiting for you at a thrift shop. My office is a thing of constant struggle for me. Our house has 4 bedrooms, CB got one and I got one to do with what we pleased.

I knew I wanted to make mine an office, but what I didn't know was how hard it would be to keep it organized. As a blogger, you know you get sent stuff, you buy stuff, you just have SO MUCH STUFF. We're talking poster boards used backgrounds, and random pineapple decor for that one time you hosted a pineapple party. Plus, since I've joined the NFL Fan Style blogger league I've received 3 footballs. THREE! What do I do with 3 footballs?  

Plain and simple, I really need a storage system that helps get rid of the clutter in my office. I found this awesome shelving system from Way Basics which I knew would be perfect. I love how the bottom cubbies have drawers, making it easy to hide items I don't want people to see. Aka- my junk drawers!

I love browsing "shelfie style" on Pinterest, and that's where I took a lot of my inspiration for styling these Way Basics shelves. Most of this stuff I've picked up over the years from TJ Maxx, World Market and Z Gallerie. I also get a ton of magazine subscriptions, and I use them as styling around the house. I kid you not, like 8 years ago I cashed in a grand total of, like, 1200 airline miles in exchange for 6 or 7 magazine subscriptions -- AND THEY NEVER STOPPED COMING!?!? Not sure how I lucked out there, but I'll take it! 

Once you find the perfect shelving unit (seriously, they have SO MANY OPTIONS) check out my links for accessorizing the perfect "shelfie" below!  

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