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18 November 2016

Corn + Pizza

Our group has friendsgiving this weekend and I have been assigned "corn". When I think of thanksgiving I think of mac and cheese and green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and gravy. At no point do I think of.... CORN.

I've come a long way in my journey to learning how to cook, but I can't do anything without a recipe. So, as everyone was volunteering for different dishes, I just sat back and asked to be assigned something. I was hoping for something exciting like pizza or maybe pizza. Hell, I'd even be open to pizza -- but then I was assigned corn.

WTF. CORN? Where's the glory in making a CORN dish? No one is going to leave Friendsgiving and say -- DAYYUUUMMM but THAT CORN DISH THO. I gotta get that recipe for THE CORN DISH.

Ain't gonna happen.

If Friendsgiving were up to me I'd just order a whole mess of KFC Mac&Cheese because that is quite literally the greatest blessing the world has ever been given.  

Alas, it isn't up to me and I have to make corn and I'm real pumped about it. 

Speaking of corn, do you remember the Pizza Hut Sports + Social Media gig you guys all so lovingly annoyed Pizza Hut about on twitter?! Well, I have some updates there. 

I made it down to the last 3 contestants standing, but in the end they gave the Pizza Hut All American title to someone else. You can actually follow along with him (yup, it is a guy) on twitter @PHAllAmerican

Let it be known that it was because of you guys that I was a finalist, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you for tweeting for me! It totally worked. I gotta say, I'm really proud of myself too for making it all the way down to the last 3 people. I'm sure there were some incredible candidates from all over the country who applied, and my ideas kept me around all the way up until the final 3. 

Not bad, huh? Sometimes you just gotta break your arm patting your own damn self on the back, ya feel me fam? 

Anywho, I'm out for the day. 
Go Vols. 
Go LSU (if you're a Vol fan, you know why I'm saying that. Also, I won't say GEUX, that is taking it a step too far for me.)
Go Cowboys. 

Now off to find some mindblowing corn recipe that doesn't exist. Happy weekending, kids! 

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